Recent Fics as of 3/27/2018

Recent Fics as of 3/27/2018

Hey! I wanted to ask if you know any new and completed stony fanfics that are good? I’ve been away from the fandom for like a month because I was too busy, but I’ve got holidays now and plenty of time to catch up! Any recommendations would be incredibly nice! Thank you so much!

Recently completed fics…God, I’m so behind!  But, here are some that I’ve either read lately or are on my “to read whenever the earth opens up and swallows me, my phone and a wifi signal.”  But, I trust these authors and know I can rec anything they write and it will be good.

These are…all over the place, tbh.  When I say that I read just about anything Stony, I mean it. Fluff, angst, smut, plot, I don’t much care. Something for everyone, though! These are just from the past 30 days.  Look at what our amazing fandom produces!  And this is just scratching the surface.  Enjoy!


Beautiful Disaster by @sarahhbe:
In which Steve Rogers is a hazard to Tony’s health.

Masked and Anonymous by panickyintheuk: “When Mr. Stark opened the door, he had his shirt
untucked, and no shoes on. It was evening, and it was his own apartment,
and Steve was dropping by unannounced, so that was all really fair
enough, but it was also the least put-together Steve had ever seen him.”Steve drops in on Avengers benefactor Mr. Stark, but it seems that Mr. Stark was expecting him.

Love Calls You By Your Name by @laireshi:
Steve’s boyfriend, Tony Stark, doesn’t come home after Iron Man gets hurt when protecting Steve.

A Thousand Kisses Deep by @laireshi:
Steve doesn’t seem too happy when Steve Rogers of Marvel Ultimate gets
transported into their universe. He seems even less happy when Tony and
the new Steve get closer to each other.

Unintended by @sheronm: Steve is in love with Tony, but Tony is getting married to Pepper. It’s fine. (Until it isn’t.)

Worthwhile by @sheronm:
Steve and Tony cuddle, then Tony exhibits the self-preservation
instincts of a lemming, and they cuddle some more. That’s it, that’s the
whole story.

What We Deserve by @wordsplat:
Tony is certain he knows exactly what’s going on between him and Steve. (Spoiler alert: he doesn’t.)

The Prince & The Frog by @wordsplat:
Steve pisses off Loki and gets turned into a frog for his trouble. Tony may have a solution.

quite the compliment by CapnShellhead:
Steve’s new strategy as Captain is driving Tony crazy.

The Illusion Cannot Be Sustained by @ironlawyer:
When Tony first decided liquor was more important than pride, he
promised himself one thing – blowjobs only. But when a man who looks too
much like Steve comes along, that’s all about to change.

Long Summer by @ashes0909:
This was the first night of their tenth, and last, year of camp.

Jink by @festiveferret:
When Steve agrees to dog sit for Colonel Rhodes, he doesn’t expect
Rhodes’ unusual, intriguing, and painfully attractive whirlwind of a
best friend to show up unannounced.

Some Form of Electricity by @festiveferret and @sirsapling: Steve doesn’t know what he’d do without Tony, and thank
god he has him, because after getting the phone call that Bucky’s
alive, everything is a blur. But Tony gets him there, all the way to
Germany. It isn’t until he’s watching his friend lie motionless in a
hospital bed that it really hits him.Bucky is coming home, and he’s coming home broken. (part of series, but can be read alone)

Harnessed by @festiveferret:
He wished Tony had brought the suitcase suit. The thin chain, the weight
of the metal clasp around his wrist, the soft clink it made whenever
Steve moved – he wanted that. He wanted to be held, restrained, owned.

(part of season 2 of the wonderful Held series, but can be read alone)

Larger Than Life by @festiveferret:
Steve wants that in him. Right now.

Untouchable by Gothic_Lolita:
When Tony finds out he’s on a no-kill list for one of the biggest crime
bosses in New York, he’s confused. When he finds out said crime boss is
his old ex from high school, he’s even more confused.

Fever, Breath Your Love on Me by @some-blue-jack: Steve hates his bi-annual checkup. “Mr. Rogers?” Nurse Grace calls, and he inhales sharply before standing up to follow her into the back.He
answers the standard “how are you doing today?” and “is there anything
you want to mention to the doctor?” questions, and he tries not to
fidget, but it’s hard to keep still.He’s just getting so wet. (medkink? with omega!Steve? for me?  the best gift ever)

Tony and Steve Playing Destiny by @some-blue-jack:
Steve and Tony like to play Destiny (the video game). Destiny 1, not 2, because I don’t like 2 half as much as I liked 1.

(On the one hand, I want blue_jack to finish Nostalgia. And the Nostalgia AU AU. And the dark Nostalgia AU. And more medkink.  But, I also love all these little short stories and want more of them, too. I’m such a greedy bitch)

Un (underneath, unveiled, undone) by @salablemystic: The internet … knows things. Private things. Things
that it has no business knowing. Things like … the (very impressive)
size of one Anthony Edward Stark’s cock. Steve … can’t unlearn that
knowledge.And, oh, he wants… .

Just One of Those Tech Problems (Hotels Have Better Pillows Remix) by @captainneverever:
Tony’s new hotel booking app seems to have a glitch when Tony uses it –
for some reason he always ends up sharing a hotel room with Steve.

What the History Books Don’t Teach You by @captainneverever:
Tony might destroy his friendship with Steve when he has a strong
reaction to Steve’s undercover costume as a booth babe representing
Stark Industries. He really does love Steve for his mind, not just the
booty shorts.

Seven Minutes in Heaven by @msermesth:
Peter Quill has had it up to here with Steve and Tony’s endless bickering, and he decides to do something about it.

Can You Really Blame Him? by Heartithateyou: Steve sees Tony wearing his old tags and realizes he likes it.Like really, really likes it.

Lost in Transcription by @veldeia:
In a world recently turned upside down by the discovery of genetic
markers for soulmates, Steve and Tony struggle to come to grips with
their unexpected, unasked-for match.

R for Ransom by @gottalovev:
Steve receives a ransom note for a newly kidnapped Tony. It’s dread
inducing, he has no idea what to do, but he also wonders why the
abductors chose him, of all people, to make contact.

what you like times two by @gottalovev: To Tony’s delight, Steve Rogers is a lot kinkier than the WWII newsreels had led him to believe.(written for the alphabet challenge, letter “F”  *eyes the tags*  Plot? What plot?) (armor porn!  God, I have to get around to reading this one)

In Vino Veritas by @izazov:
Tony puts his foot in his mouth. Steve gets drunk. One is rather common. The other, not so much.

Go Ask Friday by @polizwrites:
In a last-ditch effort to defeat Thanos, Tony finds himself in a somehow
familiar waking dream. As he works his way through the story,
confronted at every turn by those he thought were his friends,  he can’t
help but question everything about himself.

Take that Off, What Are You? by @imafriendlydalek: There had been a lot of things Steve had seen on his
trip across America that he hadn’t expected, but if there had been one
thing he certainly would never have thought would happen, it would have
been falling into bed with Tony Stark.Of course, like everything between them, it isn’t exactly smooth sailing after that. Especially when the Mandarin shows up. (there is a lack of great IM3 Stony fic, so yay for this one!)

Only to You by navaan:
An alien prince wants Tony as consort. But he’s already taken. Steve wants to be clear about it.

Jealousy (Just Fuck Me Already) by navaan:
Steve asks Tony take him to a party to get him close to a criminal he’s
looking for, and instead he gets to see multiple people hit on Tony.
Tony is having just a little too much fun with that.

Dead Man Walking by @spnaph:
Bucky was going to kill him.
Bucky was going to kill him and yet he couldn’t feel shame or regret for doing what he did. Holy shit.He slept with his brother’s best friend.He was a dead man walking, he knew it.

Thick as Thieves by @shetlandowl: Steve and Tony are detectives in the same precinct who
started dating some time ago. It’s established enough to be familiar and
comfortable, and new enough to offer an unexpected and welcome surprise
from time to time. But when Tony and Natasha close in on a human
trafficking ring they’ve chased around Manhattan for what feels like
years, they don’t call the precinct, or even mention it to their
respective boyfriends. After all, why worry them? They have each other, and together, they’ll face the world.

A Soul for HIm by @wisiaden:
They say an immortal soul is key, and Steve will do anything to get one
for Bucky. Except, Tony isn’t what Steve thought he’ll be.

dragonslayer by @ms-meredith-milton: The Great Dragonslayer Steven has been crowned King of
Eire and every monarch in Europa is sending him gifts, hoping to curry
his favor.King Howard sends a gift he and Crown Prince Gregory are unlikely to miss: young Prince Tony.Tony’s
none too pleased at being sent to the ends of the earth to play
concubine for a barbarian, but it turns out King Steven isn’t quite what
he was expecting. (I understand from her comment reply to me that she is also working on a concubine!Steve fic, and I think we should all encourage this.  All the concubine fic!  Mwahahaha, my plan is working!)

Scraping Up the Pieces by @robintcj: A few years after CA:CW, things are almost back to normal. Team Cap
is back stateside, they’ve rejoined the Avengers, and they’re all
working with one another – even if it’s sometimes not all that
comfortably. Steve and Tony aren’t back together, but at least they can
be in the same room at the same time without it ending in a fight. Most
days.A rough mission puts Steve in a bad place, and Tony – who’s
in a bad place of his own – goes to check on him. Steve needs to feel
something that isn’t pain, and Tony needs to give him that.