Tony Has a Huge Dick & Size Queen Steve

Tony Has a Huge Dick & Size Queen Steve

Hello, amazing blog! There are loads of fics where steve is super endowed, but do you know of any where he has a small cock, and is embarrassed about it? Or Tony is the one who’s particularly hung, and Steve is a size queen?

I can’t say I know any with Steve being on the small side, but I do know some with Tony being hung.  So, here you go!  Feel free to add suggestions if you know of any more.

Size Me Up by enkiduu:
The thing is, nobody ever mentions how good Tony is for others. They
always talk about greed and pride and how the billionaire always gets
the world he wants (does he?), but nobody ever talks about how Tony
always does his best to please the world (doesn’t he?).

Un (underneath, unveiled, undone) by @salablemystic: The internet … knows things. Private things. Things
that it has no business knowing. Things like … the (very impressive)
size of one Anthony Edward Stark’s cock. Steve … can’t unlearn that
knowledge.And, oh, he wants… .

Larger Than Life by @festiveferret:
Steve wants that in him. Right now.