Tony is Slutshamed or Called Names

Tony is Slutshamed or Called Names

Hey uh do you have any fics where tony is slutshamed? By either the avengers, the public, villains, etc. It can be any genre

I honestly only have a few recs I know of and they tend to be more humiliation or name-calling in the context of a consensual scene.  Maybe followers have some other recs where it is more of a judgemental public thing?  I feel like there are a lot of fics that feature this, but they don’t tag for it, so it makes it hard to go back and find.  Also, try the Humiliation Recs.  At any rate, here you go:



Knowing Your Place by SeasonsofLauren: “You’re so sexually repressed it makes me wonder if you ever actually woke up from the ice.”Tony likes to start fights. Steve likes to finish them.

Lucky Break by @blossomsinthemist:
Steve and Tony haven’t been together long–they just started dating
after putting the team back together in the form of the New Avengers.
When the Red Skull finds out about their relationship, though, he takes
it personally.  Aiming to make an example of them and insulted by Steve
taking up with a man, he takes them prisoner, and proceeds to try and
break them.  It doesn’t exactly go as planned.  Set directly after the
beginning of the first (2004) New Avengers series and the formation of
the new team.

(the slut-shaming is only a small part of this fic, but I highly recommend it anyway)

Mirrors by 3BeesAndCoffee3:
Steve likes teasing Tony in front of a mirror until he’s begging for him to fuck him.

Steve’s Slut by Gothic_Lolita:
Steve and Tony had this thing going. Tony belonged to him, and Steve loved it.

Use What You’ve Got by YouMakeMeDokiDoki: This whole situation was going downhill and fast. It
was supposed to be a routine track ‘em down, take ‘em out job but
somehow ended up in this no name, no talent villain’s hideout made of
adamantium and gamma suppressing energy fields, and where he got those
Tony would never knowORThe one where Tony has sex with the villain de jour and the team thinks he’s a two timing slut. Until they don’t.


Beg by captain_americano:
Tony picks up a tasty little piece, and can’t really help but go all-out.

Only You by bluecowfigurine:
Steve teases Tony by flirting with other people, and Tony decides to remind Steve who’s boss.

To Sweep the Will Away Entirely by @blossomsinthemist:
“See,” Tony murmured in his ear, hand still stroking softly
through his hair, “I know you like it.  Love this, love me to call you
names, to rub it in. Love to be humiliated, don’t you, sweetcheeks?”
Written for Day Five of Kinktober: Humiliation.

It was the Captain in the supply closet with girl panties by manorabrucelee:
Tony was in a gala and he spotted Steve flirting Steve gets punished for it severely.

Daddy by orphan_account:
Steve loves being his Daddy’s little bitch.