Incubus and Succubus

Incubus and Succubus

Hello! Was wondering if there’s any good Incubus demon fics with our dear boys? Preferably Tony as the incubus but Steve will do too.

I’ve only read a couple of those fics, but here are some suggestions!  You might also want to check the Angels & Demons recs.

Half of Me by panna_acida:
Black wings tinged with gold at the end, little horn fading from black
to a dark red curving between curly dark hair, red eyes staring at him
filled with lust and fear and a slick tail swishing from left to right
before curling around Tony’s arm.

Seduction Fail, Tony Stark Get by ficwriter103:
Written for the Prompt: “I just got turned into an incubus or a succubus
and I’m like the least smooth and most self-conscious person on the
planet so I’m literally starving because I don’t know how to seduce
people” AU.

My Idiot (Whether You Know It or Not) by AetherSprite:
Steve is captured by Hydra and Tony is going to get him back.

(Cambion Tony)

Don’t Try to Change Him by IsisKitsune:
Pepper is worried about Tony. He hasn’t been taking care of himself,
thanks to the litte ‘talk’ he keeps getting about him being an Avenger
and the moral code he should be following about ‘them’. She knows
perfectly well who he is, and that he doesn’t need to change!

Cheeseburgers, Tech and Steve by @laglemon: Steve’s known that there are other worlds out there; he just
hasn’t paid much attention to them.  Living with Bucky and helping out
the Avengers is a full time job, and he doesn’t have time to daydream
about things like that when he can hear about them at work.  When they
get called in to investigate the appearance and deaths of Incubi and
Succubi civil war survivors, they find that a portal has been opened
between their two worlds.  Wanting to do the right thing, Steve offers
to go through and talk to those in charge – only he didn’t count on
getting stuck on the other side of the portal.Once he’s back on
earth, though, he’s got a whole new problem on his hands.  An annoyingly
brilliant Incubus has followed him back and he’s left to deal with the
mess all by himself.