Emotional Hurt/Comfort

Emotional Hurt/Comfort

Hello! Do you have any recs about steve and tony supporting each other emotionally and/or mentally? Just them being open and caring after nightmares/panic attacks/flashbacks,etc.

There are actually a lot of these with one or the other helping deal with some of the trauma, so be sure to use the tag search if you like that kind of fic.  Here are some suggestions to get you started:


Nightmares by MysticKayla:
Tony dreams of Afghanistan, so Steve helps him forget, even if just for the moment.

The Holds of the Past by kijikun:
Written for Capkink prompt: The first time Steve and Tony try
something other than plain vanilla sex, they decide to go a little light
bondage, with Steve tying Tony down with a tie or something. Only,
halfway through the foreplay Tony freaks the fuck out when Steve touches
his arc-reactor (courtesy Obadiah and the paralysis incident).

Slumber by @cnjrupasmle: “‘Especially Steve,’ was probably more like it.
Semantics, the mechanic decided.  He had wanted world peace, created a
killer robot that did its damnedest to wipe out the human race, and had
been just as upset with himself as his teammates had been with him.  It
was simple when you broke it down, really.Either way, it didn’t make sharing a bed with Steve Rogers any easier while they were laying low at Clint’s farm.“Tony
can’t sleep.  It seems like Cap can’t either, so they become insomniacs
together.  That is, until they find a solution to their problem.  Tony
has to figure out what it all means and what he wants, but he never can
seem to keep from getting in his own way.

take your time by romanoff:
Something I wrote awhile back for the prompt ‘one day Tony emerges from
his workshop and realises, for the first time in his life, he’s
surrounded by people. By friends who like him for him rather than his
money. He’s only really had Rhodey and Pepper (and JARVIS and the bots)
before. Cue panic.’

Blue Shadows by romanoff:
Tony panics; Steve helps.

Containment by D(come_feed_the_rain):
After Tony ends up severely injured from a surprise attack, triggering a
flashback and putting him in the hospital for emergency surgery, the
Avengers come together in worry for their friend and teammate and are
disquieted by the intensity of Tony’s reaction. Between the flashback
and the sedatives, Tony’s mind revisits key moments in his life while
the team bands together in support of each other and their injured
friend, letting SHIELD handle Tony’s attacker, they remain where they
are needed, even if Tony isn’t awake to truly realize this. And through
it all, Steve makes a decision that will change things with Tony.

A Love Story in Five Panic Attacks by sahiya:
Steve and Tony help each other learn to breathe again.

Sleep Protocol by @51st: You might assume that Steve Rogers, a super soldier,
wouldn’t have any sleep-related problems, since he is an optimal
physical specimen in the bloom of health.You would be wrong.But you know, there are certain conditions.

Finding Warmth in the Darkness by syriala:
When Tony and Steve are stranded on a snow covered mountain they have to
find shelter in a cave. Tony is not the only one deeply affected by

and gentlemen, now abed by hotrodngold:
The insides of his head feel broken and disjointed, the world too close
and too rough, too- something, he doesn’t know, but it makes his teeth
ache and his chest hurt, a molten ball of lead and hot, searing pain
around the arc reactor.

The Minor Fall, the Major Lift by jukeboxhound: “Jesus, Steve, it’s not like I went diving in the
Mariana Trench, I’m fine.” Totally fine, and if he’s shaking a little
and can’t quite bring himself to stop touching the arc reactor,
whatever, no one’s perfect.(This is how they piece it together and make it work.)

If You Never Say Your Name Out Loud to Anyone by theladyingrey42: Sometimes, Steve has panic attacks. Or at least he used to. Nowadays, he mostly just has conversations with Tony Stark.

Tell Me a Story by @missbeckywrites:
Tony is doing fine. Just fine. Until he’s not. Steve notices.

The Mission (series) by @missbeckywrites:
Steve drags Tony along with him when he makes an impulsive decision to
chase after Hydra. Things go downhill from there, and Steve discovers a
new mission for himself.

The Haircut by nightwalker @onemuseleft:
Steve’s used to having it all together, so managing to blow it with both
of his closest friends in one day is something of a record for him.

Routine by @wordsplat:
Since waking from the ice, Steve has developed an increasingly difficult
case of OCD. Not wanting to be a burden, he doesn’t tell anyone of his
troubles and always keeps his teammates at a safe distance, not getting
too close to any of them. He’s struggling just to keep his head above
water when Tony catches him in one of his compulsions, and refuses to be
pushed away.

Deep Waters by AlchemyAlice:
His power’s running low, the arc reactor flickering. Cold, rancid sewer
water is rushing into the fissure at his torn up shoulder, filling up
the gaps, rising along his neck in frigid fingers. He’s been like this

To Hold Your Hand by @festiveferret: Somewhere along the line, Tony had gotten it into his
head that Captain America was invincible. Maybe it was the propaganda
from when he was younger – comics and clips from the war – or maybe it
was the unbelievable things he’d seen Cap make it through in the time
they’d been working together. But either way, it had always seemed
impossible to Tony that the Star Spangled Man with a Plan could be truly
hurt.So this man – hooked up to lines and sensors, surrounded by beeping
things, eyes refusing to open – this man isn’t Cap, he’s just Steve. And
Steve is broken.

The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time by MemoryDragon: After their plane went down, Steve and Tony only just
barely managed to find a cave for shelter.  If only it weren’t always
the wrong place and the wrong time for Tony.Yippie ki-yay.

Wake Up Call by @viennasunrise:
Tony had been kidnapped and tortured in Afghanistan for three months
while Steve slept in the ice… It seems only fair (for some sick
reason) that Steve should lose some sleep over it now.

See Your Face Again by allysonwonderland:
Steve has a panic attack and Tony is the only one there to comfort him/calm him down.

waking up to lights by theappleppielifestyle: Tony is awake, he woke up sometime between Steve
whimpering and Steve jerking out of his decade-old nightmares, and now
he’s still, sitting up in bed, one hand resting on the bed in the space
between them.“Steve,” Tony says, slow, calm, and Steve knows, yes, they’ve done
this a thousand times, with each of them at the nightmare end.

light up the world by theappleppielifestyle: Steve falls into the Atlantic on a mission and gets mild hypothermia.Tony warms him up.

life was never worse but never better by theappleppielifestyle: “Howard locked you in a closet?”Tony’s laugh comes, high and hysterical. “He used to do it all the
time when I was being a brat. Guess I haven’t been bratty enough until

Falling Forwards by theappleppielifestyle: Close his eyes and he’s back there.Open them and he can’t breathe.

One More Troubled Soul (series) by sara_holmes:
And Tony realizes that working out who the Winter Soldier used to be and who he is now are two entirely different things.


Breathing Deep by AngeNoir @outercorner:
They had fallen asleep in a sprawl, Steve on his back, Tony half-on,
half-off Steve’s chest, twisted in a more diagonal position so that his
head was on a different pillow and his knees knocked against Steve’s
shins. And Steve was pretty sure he’d be fine, after the nightmare, he’d
be just fine, if he could just – breathe again.

Memorized by wanderseeing: “Steve?” “Yes, Tony?”
“Where are we?”It’s 3am and Steve knows this script by heart.

Assumptions by just_another_tinker:
Everyone makes assumptions. We can’t help it. We’re only human. We still make them. And they still hurt.

Till Human Voices Wake Us, and We Drown by @blossomsinthemist:
Tony still has nightmares, and it drives him crazy, because he should be
done with this, it should be over, but it’s not, and he can’t control
how they make him feel.  Luckily, Steve understands a little bit about
how that goes.  Established relationship.

That for Destruction, Ice by @blossomsinthemist:
Even after all this time, Steve still wakes up with nightmares about the
ice.  Luckily, now Tony is there to help, however he can.

as they learned to see by often_adamanta:
Tony stayed silent through her terse explanation, anger growing. When
Natasha was finished, he asked, “So you’re telling me that Steve’s been
missing for almost two months, most likely kidnapped by an unknown
organization, a force which employs two brilliant but completely crazy
scientists that hate Stark Industries because they were refused jobs on
the basis of their psych evals, and I’m only hearing about this now?”

Over Sea, Under Stars by @the-vorkosigan: Tony gets the phone, but he never uses it and he never
intends to. Or, he doesn’t until Steve starts texting him, asking
strange questions about medication and mental health, which is when Tony
gets worried. (A texting fix-it that grew beyond all proportion.
Deals with depression and anxiety quite a lot. There is even some plot
in there somewhere.)

teach me how to feel by kiyala:
Neither Steve nor Tony can sleep. When they spend their sleepless nights in each other’s company, everything begins to change.

On the Turning Away by @thegraytigress: Tony’s new relationship with Steve is going great.
They’re a few weeks into it, and it’s utterly amazing.  He’s feeling
better and more sure of himself than he ever has before.  Honestly, he’s
flying high.But then he asks Steve a simple, logical, and
seemingly innocent question: “do you want to spend the night?”  And
everything comes crashing down. (thanks to @verdantnurse for the suggestion!  I haven’t read it yet, but I’m sure it is great, since all their fics are wonderful)

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