Team Mom Steve

Team Mom Steve

Hey, I think someone asked for MomTony recs, are there any MomSteve
recs? Steve’s a bit like a mum to Wanda I think, all encouraging and

There definitely aren’t as many of these as there are for Team Mom Tony,
but here are some that you might enjoy.  If anyone has other
suggestions, please feel free to add them.


Three Men and the Babies by @xtaticpearl:
“If you fly away with my baby one more time, Thor, I will steal your
hairbrushes,” Tony warned as he scooped up Bruce with a scowl directed
at the way too amused Asgardian.
“Your baby?” Steve asked dryly as he bounced Clint in his arms with an unbeatable rhythm.

Dreams and Nightmares by
awestoooooo: Everyone has nightmares, right? Well, so do the
Avengers. Whenever Steve has a nightmare, he always wishes someone would
wake him up. He makes sure all of his teammates get this. (Or, The five
times Steve helped his teammates wake up, and the one time they helped

The Infamous Infirmary of Idiocy by idioticfangirl:
The Avengers are especially good at fighting, but how good are they at
fighting infections?  Complete with Bruce in a nurse’s outfit (imagine
that!), Steve in extreme mothering mode and Thor on tissue duty.

Operation Sugar by idioticfangirl:
What does it say about the lives of the Avengers that the worst thing to
happen in a week wasn’t an invasion of alien snails, but a lack of
sugar in tea?

I didn’t pick(nic) this by idioticfangirl:
Since it’s a nice day, and Steve is a boyscout at heart, the team go on a picnic, with unsurprisingly disastrous consequences.

The Superhero Adoption Scheme by Beckendorf:
In which SHIELD decide to give Mother Hen Steve a baby who just happens
to have super spider powers, the mighty Earth saving Avengers become the
softie family baby-sitting Avengers, Steve can’t do romance for toffee
and the new Mr & Mr Stark-Rogers set up the superhero adoption
scheme for super powered children.