Daemon AUs

Daemon AUs

I’ve been totally loving all of these amazing recs! Thanks so much sabremom 😀 Do you have any daemon/his dark materials/animal guide stories?

Glad you like the recs!  I have only read a couple like this, but you might try these, Anon:

As Light as a Butterfly’s Touch by Aviss:
Tony was never one for social conventions, but there were lines not even
he had dared cross. Until he does. The results are not what he was

Fallen Comrade by Gir_Hugs:
No one noticed the way Tony’s normally olive skin paled to a stark
white, everyone too focused on the figure slowly rising up as Thor
backed away.  It wasn’t until the engineer made a weak wounded sound and
collapsed to the ground in a mess of limbs that they even realized
something was horribly wrong.

Inner Spirit by @awesomeavocadolove (WiP): Tony’s not dead, but everything that made up the man
Steve was starting to fall in love with is gone, leaving only a
vacant-eyed, catatonic shell. And no matter what the team says, Steve
knows it’s his fault. In order to get Tony back, Steve will have
to do more than just move heaven and earth. He’ll have to expose a
portion of his soul.

Meetings in the Dark by AngeNoir:
Steve comes up from the gym, looking for something to drink, and he finds Tony having a nightmare.

And you will bow, boldly by NoPitSoDeep: Tony and his daemon, Jarvis, get kidnapped. It’s not fun.

Each Time You Get Hurt (I Don’t Want You to Change) by NoPitSoDeep: Daemon AU. Tony and his Burmese python daemon, Jarvis, are kidnapped. In the aftermath, Steve and Seraphina go to them.

so little of what could happen by theappleppielifestyle:
They both feel it when it happens, and go rigid in disbelief before they
even think to look to the side where their daemons had been watching.

Like a Comet Streaming On by @sineala:
Tony escapes Afghanistan with a functioning Iron Man suit and a
perfectly normal heart. He even manages to bring Ho Yinsen home safely
at his side. But he may as well have lost everything… because his
wolfbrother is dead. Six months later, the Avengers find Captain
America, frozen in ice, miraculously alive. Everything and everyone
Steve has ever known is gone – except his wolfsister, the recipient of
the lupine version of the super-soldier serum, who was frozen in his
arms. Tony has everything but his wolf. Steve has only his wolf. This is
how their lives fit together.

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