Steve Wears the Iron Man Armor

Steve Wears the Iron Man Armor

Looking for fics where Steve wears Tony’s armor, either the whole thing or just a gauntlet and/or boots? In an emergency or maybe Tony sends it to save kidnapped/captured!Steve or heck maybe just for fun. But please don’t forget angst. Angst is amazing. Found one to start you off. “All That You Love, All That You Hate” by laireshi. Work 12893319 on Ao3.


This was a tough one, but I did find a couple sort of along those lines. Here you go!  If anyone has other recs, please add them.

Razor’s Edge by @musicalluna:
Steve is wearing the Iron Man boots and the Iron Man gauntlets; Jim knows in an instant that something is horribly wrong.

All that You Love, All That You Hate by @laireshi: Director Stark is happily married to Steve Rogers. They
have no secrets from each other, and quite a lot from the world—mainly
that Steve Rogers is really The Captain, an infamous villain.Unfortunately, the truly important secrets rarely stay hidden, and
when Steve’s identity gets revealed, Tony will do anything to keep them
both safe.He’s a hero, but it might mean crossing a line that a villain would never even approach.(per your rec)

Be Somebody Else (the Mask and Mirror Remix) by @sineala:
When Tony invites the Avengers to a superhero-themed costume party,
Steve knows exactly who he’s dressing up as. He can’t bring himself to
ask Iron Man for assistance, so instead he turns to the man who makes
the armor. Tony is more than willing to help Steve with his Iron Man
costume – and in the process, Steve learns a little more about the man
behind the mask.

The Difference (Between Lying and Not Telling the Truth) by Pearl_Unplanned:
After an incident, Tony decides that Steve isn’t safe. And he wants to
keep Steve safe. But he doesn’t know Steve as well as he thought. No one

(Tony builds Steve armor)

Still the Same by Pearl_Unplanned: It had been weeks since he’d told his team that he used
to be Captain America. Everything was getting better. Steve was Iron
Patriot, Tony’s boyfriend, an official Avenger. He could fly, protect
his team, and he finally felt like he had a place in the future.Everything is perfect… until it isn’t.

To Know Him is To Love Him by ncee: But the metal chunks didn’t seem to attack, instead, it
attached to him piece by piece until his whole body was covered in it.
His forearms seemed to have gauntlets and his legs seemed to have boots.
He did not realize what was happening until an HUD flashed before him
and JARVIS’ voice rung in his ears, “Good morning, Captain Rogers.”God, he was in the Iron Man suit.

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