Surprise Attack

Surprise Attack

Hey do you know of any fics where Steve & Tony are attacked at night, while they’re sleeping, or just when they aren’t expecting it in general? Thank you so much, I love your blog!

Hmmm…that’s an interesting ask, and I honestly had some trouble finding fics like that, though I know there are a lot of fics where an unexpected attack happens.  It just isn’t usually the major part of the fic, I guess.  At any rate, here are a few suggestions.  I think they mostly deal with the aftermath of an attack, though, to be honest. If followers have other ideas, please add them.

Retention by ranoutofrun:
Steve and Tony find themselves in the hospital from a sudden and
terrible attack, after cleaning up a dime a dozen villain wannabe on
their date. One of them gets out relatively unscathed, as the other
looks on, it becomes more apparent that this may not be entirely so.

Just Barely Missing by love_in_the_stars: At a charity event under attack, Steve keeps preventing Tony from reaching the armor and keeps trying to get him to safety.Tony takes offense, does some butt-kicking, has a civil conversation and just maybe makes a friend.

Containment by D (come_feed_the_rain):
After Tony ends up severely injured from a surprise attack, triggering a
flashback and putting him in the hospital for emergency surgery, the
Avengers come together in worry for their friend and teammate and are
disquieted by the intensity of Tony’s reaction. Between the flashback
and the sedatives, Tony’s mind revisits key moments in his life while
the team bands together in support of each other and their injured
friend, letting SHIELD handle Tony’s attacker, they remain where they
are needed, even if Tony isn’t awake to truly realize this. And through
it all, Steve makes a decision that will change things with Tony.

Show Me What I’m Looking For by capsicleironman:
Steve was finally beginning to prove his capability and independence in
the 21st century when an attack on the city leaves him blinded. Now,
back at square one, he’ll have to learn about more than just the future;
he must learn to re-navigate his whole life. The other Avengers are all
endlessly supportive, always there to lend a helping hand, but it’s
Tony’s no-nonsense, do-it-yourself approach that might just get Steve
back on his feet for good.

For You by @itsallavengers: It’s been five months. Steve hasn’t seen Tony in five months.Then
Loki comes along and decides it’s a good idea to wear Tony’s face while
in the middle of launching an attack- which is confusing for many

In a Different Light by marinarusalka:
After an unexpected attack, Tony has trouble dealing with his injuries and Steve has trouble dealing with Tony.

Terrible Idea by MountainRose: Steve and Tony get captured by AIM. Steve can handle
bad wine and worse monologuing, but when he gets back to the cell,
Tony’s not quite how he left him.It doesn’t slow them down much.