Loud Sex/Caught in the Act

Loud Sex/Caught in the Act

If I could I would bow down to you for these fic reqs because they give me life!!!! I do have one request, I want to know if you know any fics where Tony is loud in bed, (constantly talking, making Steve go faster, annoying other Avengers with how loud he is). Please and thank you!!!

Let’s see…I do know a couple like that, though one is Steve being loud, but here are some suggestions.  Some are more “caught in the act” type fics, but seemed to kind of go along with what you were looking for. Enjoy!


Sights and Sounds by dnaielle8088:
The other Avengers are getting sick of Steve and Tony’s PDA and loud
love making, they’ve been together for four years for goodness sake!
Clint wants to speak up.

Just Shut Up Already by csichick_2:
When Tony just won’t shut up, Steve has to employ other means to get him to do so.

Caught by RosaleenBan:
Prompt: Oh oh oh oh can you do a stony fic where they get caught in the act by the rest of the team? Please!

PSA: No Kissing in the Kitchen by viennasunrise:
All Clint wanted was a sandwich. He got an eyeful more.

Thor Should Never Be Allowed Internet Access by @everybodyilovedies:
Steve/Tony, Thor complains about the overly loud copulation of his shield brothers. A Thor without sleep is not a happy Thor.

(Steve is too loud)

Sorry About the Carpet by AdamantSteve:
Tony convinces Steve to fantasy role-play a rape scene with him, but Thor overhears and gets entirely the wrong idea.

CDV by SevlinRipley: Prompt: Tony loses a bet (up to author!anon what the bet is) and as a
punishment has to wear a vibrating butt plug all day – with Steve
holding the remote. By the end of the day he’s desperate for relief, and
Steve is happy to oblige him.Bonus if at some point either Fury
or Coulson walk in on Tony in the bathroom while he’s trying to get some
type of relief and figure out what’s up in about 2 seconds flat and
there’s awkwardness and pleading not to tell Steve.

Get a Room by livonethesun:
All she had wanted was a glass of orange juice. She thinks a person
should be able to get a glass of orange juice without having to see
Steve and Tony going at each other.

When We Touch, When We Kiss by StarSpangledBucky:
In which Steve and Tony have now been dating for a while, and Tony
nearly gets himself killed during a mission. When they get back to camp,
Steve’s after him…but in a different way. It turns out once again,
Tony has managed to piss his Star Spangled boyfriend off. And Steve
doesn’t exactly give a damn about who can hear them.

Movie Night by MmmMangos:
A typical movie night with the Avengers (or maybe not so typical).

Nothing is Okay by PillowBacon: prompt time: Either Tony or Steve can’t keep it up and the team hears themThis is crack. There is nothing serious about this.

Number 53 on Tony’s Bucket List: Sex in a Closet by FluffyGremlin: Based on the prompt:Steve and Tony have
quiet(-ish), sneaky sex while hiding in a closet? Side-room? while other
Avengers are looking for them, for some (non-urgent / domestic-type)
reason.Basically, extremely present danger of being caught, they
can hear the team looking for them, *but* no actually being caught,
please! (not exactly your ask b/c they are trying really hard not to be heard)

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