Hi! Any fics that start with Steve or Tony giving the other a massage (maybe post-battle) and it turning into something more? Bonus points if they aren’t already together at the time of the massage 🙂

There are some great massage fics!  Here are some suggestions. Ummmm…most are porn, lol.


Happy Ending by @robintcj:
Steve is a mobile massage therapist, and Tony is a stressed billionaire. What could go wrong?

Human Hands are Better by BGB:Tony hurts his back, so he invents a massaging machine. Steve is better.

Rest by AkikoFumi:
Tony has a sore back after working for too long in the lab. Of course Steve is there to help him out.

My Hand Slipped! by Cute_Snow_Giggles: Steve and Tony confess thier love for each other and get together. OrA super cute fluffy thing 🙂

Foot Rub by Cute_Snow_Giggles:
Tony and Steve had just returned from a S.H.I.E.L.D training mission and
Steve’s feet are hurting. Tony doesn’t like seeing his baby in pain so
offers a foot rub… With an interesting outcome 😉

For Sentimental Reasons by @blossomsinthemist:
Ultimates Steve and Tony have hard lives–and they end up relaxing
together.  It turns into a habit.  Non-sexual submission with service
top Steve and sub Tony.

Taken to Task by thryza:
PWP, Post-Episode S01E17, ‘Savages’ … Tony is battered and bruised
after a poorly thought out camping trip to the Savage Land. Steve kisses
it better.

Wrapped in Soft Lavander by Tsuki_Amano:
It’s been a long day for the both of them. There’s nothing quite as
rewarding as spending an evening winding down with Steve. And given how
stressed his lover is, the occasion probably calls for bubble baths and

Possess by romanoff: Tony and Steve take a night for themselves to just relax. It goes exactly as planned, and then some. (If anyone asks, Steve is absolutely not a sucker for blissed out Tony. Absolutely not.) (BDSM)

Happy Endings by HepG2: There’s nothing erotic about getting massages in a
licensed spa. Yet, here he is, battling erections after another,
courtesy of this masseur randomly assigned to him that evening.
Wonderful fingers he has, that Steve Rogers. [A non-superpowered
Marvel AU in which Steve Rogers is a masseur attending to the needs of a
hotel client, Tony Stark, hotshot EVP of Cetta Therapeutics.]

A Little Give (and Take) by fandomfrolics:
Steve finds out Tony’s been getting secret massages. Tony doesn’t get why the revelation pisses him off so much.

Stress Reliever by TC(thecollective): The first touch of the man’s hands on Tony’s bare flesh
is like the day he brought Dum-E to life: it’s a leap forward, and it’s
something he can never step back from. Pepper was so, so right; he
needed this.The masseur looking like a golden Adonis was just a bonus, really.(Plot? What’s that?)

Serenity Oasis by @festiveferret:
Waking up with the last six months erased from his mind was bad enough,
but apparently some time in that missing period, Steve went from hating
Tony to marrying him… or was it all a cover for a mission?

(fake marriage and massage and memory loss, oh my!)

What Else? by poetsandzombies:
Tony wants to take care of Steve for once.

Amber Waves of Grain by chemically_yours:
Steve had hoped for his last night in office to be quiet and uneventful. Tony wants to make sure he goes out with a bang.

Sunburns by AloneShadow:
Sunburns can be a pain… or maybe not.

Don’t need your superpowers (just your hands) by tictactoews:
Tony is hurt and stubborn, but Steve ain’t having it.

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