Mpreg Steve fic recs?? I love you and your amazing blog!

Thank you, Anon!  Here are some suggestions for mpreg!Steve. Enjoy!


First Movements by littlehawkeye:
Steve decides to get Tony up early one day or in Tony’s case, right when
he decides to go to sleep to do some yoga. But, when they start getting
ready to do the nice stretches Steve has a little fluttery sense in his
belly. Too bad Tony has to miss it.

Hidden by fadedlullabyes, Silver_Moon_Lit_Forest:
After years of hiding his status as an Omega, Steve finally slips up when he beileves the rest of the team is out of the tower.

Labor Pains by Scooberto: Warning: DO NOT, under any circumstances, hold the hand of a Super Soldier while he is going through labor. a.k.a. Tony should have known better.

I Had to Have this Talk With You (My Happiness Depends on You) series by Tito11: The tribal adventures of
Tony, the head of a household, and Steve, his bride, as they attempt to
deal with kidnappings, pregnancies, and day-to-day life in a tribe, all
of which are made more complicated by their epic miscommunications.

For Everything a Reason by orphan_account:
Steve wants to start a family, but nothing seems to be going right.

Steve Is Pregnant and it’s 5am by Kiwifruitjuice:
Loki did some magic and now Steve is pregnant, and Tony is the confirmed
father. Bruce is unconcerned, Clint is busy buying baby pajamas, Thor
is trying to convince Loki to help Steve heal his back pain, and Fury
just doesn’t know what the hell is going on anymore.

Sleepless Nights by Moonykins:
Steve stood in the entrance way to Tony’s workshop in nothing but a pair
of very stretchy pajama bottoms.  His hair was mussed from sleep and he
was rubbing at one of his eyes, looking a lot younger than he
physically appeared (almost like a child who had just woken from a
nightmare).  His big, pregnant belly stood out proudly from the rest of
his body, drawing Tony’s eyes to it like a magnet.

Omega!Steve (series) by Jack_Ten_Master: Everyone seems to forget that Steve is only the way he is
thanks to the serum. Unfortunately, there are just some things it
couldn’t change for him. This point becomes glaringly obvious soon after
the move into Stark Towers. Set in the Omega-verse. Steve Rodgers/Tony Stark. Brief mention of Natasha/Pepper

I’m Following the Map that Leads to You by fiftyshadesofstony:
All alpha Tony Stark wanted to do was make amends with his coworker,
Steve Rogers, and maybe build a new friendship, starting off on the
right foot. He had no clue that lending a helping hand when the omega
needed it most would lead to a life changing consequence.

Papa Bird by AnimeLoveLover123: Steve gave birth to there baby only a week ago and Tony hates being away from home for even a minute.Or the one where nothing happens aside from family baby fluff and
everyone has wings and nests and I don’t know why but it’s cute.

Whiny Blondes and their Snarky Husbands by stonyslut:
Or the one where Steve is tired of being pregnant.

Crossed Connections by vulcansupernova:
Steve Rogers serves the wealthy Stark family as a maid, his social
status and poor health binding him to a serving class. Life is a set
routine for the maid, until one day the Stark Heir scents the maids on
coming heat. Unable to control his desire for the servant Tony takes
Steve as his bonded. Despite the possible dire consequences.

Massive Mammaries by orphan_account:
Steve’s pregnant and has huge, milk-filled tits. Tony loves them.

The Art of Diplomacy by Muccamukk:
In the wake of an alien treaty mission, Steve tries to find balance in
his new life. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know where all this puts his
relationship with Tony.

[Steve gets pregnant by an alien in a lab, but it is Stony]

Each In Their Season by peoriapeoria:
Steve Rogers finds the Future isn’t his only new adventure.

This is Not a Drill: Honeymoon Edition by sabrecmc: Steve’s going into Heat, so they head for the island.  Tony handles this just as well as you would expect.If you don’t read the first one, this will make even less sense.  Which is saying something.