Happy Groundhog Day!

Happy Groundhog Day!

Shadow or not, it’s always cold without Steve and Tony to keep you company.  Here are some Groundhog Day/Time Loop suggestions for you. 


(not) Chasing Tomorrow by Mozzarella:
In which Steve Rogers makes the most of a time loop by falling in love

Conditional Loop by @laireshi:
There are some sacrifices Steve isn’t willing to make, but with the Time Gem, he doesn’t have to.

Make It Right by @laireshi:
It was just a dream, Tony thinks, and ignores the gut feeling telling
him otherwise. He really must have fallen asleep, and it was all just a
dream, he didn’t betray Steve like that …

ceaselessly into the past by shepherd:
Edge of Tomorrow/Live.Die.Repeat AU, following the movie. After earth is
invaded by the Chitauri, Tony Stark is forcefully drafted into the
military for a suicide mission. It ends up with him being inexplicably
caught in a time loop that always seems to end with him dying
horrifically. And, of course, the day was a Thursday- he had never
gotten the hang of Thursdays. (please regard the tags for warnings-
there are more explicit warnings inside)

Circulaire by gonetoarcadia:
The world ends on a Wednesday. An anonymous invading force interested in
nothing but destruction wipes out most of the world’s major urban
centres within an hour. In the aftermath, with the few heroes left alive
bitterly divided between moving forward or looking for a way back, Tony
Stark and Steve Rogers set out to find out what happened, and make sure
that it never does.

A New Dream Every Morning by Muccamukk:
Every day Tony woke up in his little cell, and every day Steve came to visit. Tony was never prepared for what happened next.

Again and Again by Bragi151:
Steve Rogers finds himself stuck in the same day, reliving the same
period of time again and again. Each time, he promises himself it will
be the last time Tony Stark dies in his arms.

Nothing Important Happened Today by thedevilchicken:
Steve’s stuck in a time loop. Sometimes he’s not sure he wants to get out of it.

Schrodinger’s Dilemma by @winterstar95: There’s a choice to be made. The world around him isn’t
what he made it, or is it? Tony feels that the world has become a
strange place where the twilight shadows play in the full sunlight and
he cannot define his place or anyone else’s place. If he cannot touch
reality, then what is left? If the reality he’s left with becomes
something he cannot stomach, then what does he want with it?or Groundhog Day gone terribly wrong…