Hard Kinks

Hard Kinks

Hey, if you have any more, could I ask you for another rec list of hard kinks? I’ve read the last one,

An Anon after my heart.  Okay, here are some more that you might
enjoy!  As always, please check the tags on these.  All are very NSFW,


It’s Never Enough for You by questi:
For Cap Ironman kink mene. The prompt: Tony has a sybian machine. Steve
wants to see how long he can ride it so he tapes his leg to the machine
and lets him have it.

Dad-E V.0.5 by Avidreader6:
After calling Tony, “Daddy” in bed, he and Steve have a talk. If there
happens to be a reward at the end of all this talking, who can really
blame Tony.

full (of your love) by Hiyami:
Steve pushes Tony’s body to its limits and then some.

Tits Aren’t Just for Ladies by @everybodyilovedies:
Tony fucks Steve’s tits (man-tits, no genderswap or implants or anything).

With Lace on Your Skin by @robintcj: In this not-quite sequel to Monster, Steve has learned to be more
comfortable with his dominant side, and Tony is ready to work up to some
heavier kinks. He just hopes Steve is able to get on the same page.Spoiler: Steve is.

Wet by cruisedirector:
He couldn’t deny that he enjoyed the sensation, and the last time he’d
done anything like it, he’d been ten years old in a public swimming pool
on a dare from Bucky.

‘Cream’ cakes by Bloodthirstymerc:
Tony had to go and soil Steve’s pancakes

Bright As You Can by @sineala:
When Steve shows up at Tony’s penthouse for one of their usual
no-strings-attached dalliances, he’s sure as hell not expecting to find a
second Tony waiting for him. And they’re both interested in keeping him

Heading Down, With Deliberation by sharkie335:
So when this turned out to be more than a one-off, he’d steeled his
nerves and forced himself to have not just one, but multiple
conversations with Steve about sex and commitment. There’s one more that
they need to have, though, and that’s about kink.

Territorial by singularthey:
Steve really likes to play doggy with Tony. He likes to wear the ears,
have a (dildo)-plug with an tail that he can swing, likes to have an
cockring (occasionally) likes to get cuddled and “walked” and of course
to fuck his pretty owner Tony.

Knees by orphan_account: Steve being humiliated sexually by Tony.This is suuuper filthy 😮

So Much That I Wanna Do by @chibisquirt: Steve wants Tony, but Tony has a boyfriend.  Then Tony’s boyfriend talks him into a Public Use fantasy, and it’s a little too tempting for Steve to resist.  Based on this prompt:  Tony is left out for public use, Steve takes his turn.

Door 72112 by @shetlandowl:
NSFW Monsters Inc. AU where Steve is employed to enter the world of
humans and collect highly desirable hormones and naturally produced
chemicals that fetch a handsome price among his people.

Eggs by Skrifa: Squid!Merman Tony has a quite unusual kink. He wants to
lay his eggs into Steve, but he isn’t sure how his boyfriend would
react. (Steve is alright with it)((Mostly PWP with talking about it in the first chapter))

Ice Cold by orphan_account:
When Tony finds out about Steve’s incredibly disturbing fetish, he
decides to make the best of it and give his super-soldier just what he

Black by Jazz_s_shadow:
When Steve wanted to just relax and let go, he went to Tony with the black.

Filling the Empty Places by valtyr:
For a kink meme prompt: “Ever since he stuck the reactor in his chest,
Tony Stark has had a secret massive body modification kink. When Arnim
Zola leaves him a quadruple amputee, Tony just sees it as an opportunity
for robotic limbs, and demands Steve drill holes in his stumps for the
prosthetic jacks, which turns Tony on so much he demands Steve fuck the
holes too.”

The Devil’s Groom by SomeA(DWM): For a kink_meme prompt:
“So yeah, I see the Meme is awash with Steve/Tony, but I have this prompt in my head and I can barely stand myself!So,
we all remember that time where the Evil!Tony from an AU world showed
up and hated Reed and got all wibbly when he saw this world’s Cap was
alive, yes? I want Evil!Tony’s Steve from the AU to somehow come back to
life, and go looking for his vanished lover.He shows up, finds
E!Tony, busts him out, and they have wild raunchy possessive “I’m going
to fuck you so hard that you taste me” sex.Kink? Infront of some captured Avengers. Our Tony, Steve, Clint, Rhodey, hell anyone you want! Voyeurism ftw!Oh please, please Anon, you’re my only hope.“

Kink Meme Responses Chapter 1 by often_adamanta:
This is where I’m putting all my Steve/Tony kinkmeme responses. 😀

The Real Reason Why Hulk Hates Cephlapods by fakesheep-luna: Tony turns to the rest of the team, all gathered around
the bathtub in which Steve is sprawled in, and stabs a finger into
Clint’s chest.
“First of all, birdbrain, this is our bathroom, and
you are all in it. So if I want to fucking talk dirty to my calamari of a
fiance here – I fucking will, and I don’t really care about your
goddamn sensibilities. Second,” He points at Coulson, “I went away for
two days, TWO FUCKING DAYS, and you let Captain America be hit by a
fucking curse and transformed into a fucking octopus from the waist
down. How the fucking fuck!? And Why?”“Those are a lot of fucks in one single rant.” Sam supplies. (this is actually kind of hilarious, but, hey tentacle deepthroating, so…)

CDVI by SevlinRipley:
Prompt: After killing a bottle, drunk!Tony fucks Steve with it.

Hungry by orphan_account:
On a fine Halloween morning, Steve treats Tony to the recipe of his dreams.

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