Tsum Tsums

Tsum Tsums

Do you have any recs for fics with Tsumtsums? Thanks for all your hard work!

Indeed!  There are a couple of adorable fics with our favorite rotund Avengers.  Enjoy!

Epic Love Story by @captainneverever:
Tsum Tsum Steeb dreams of becoming a hero and an artist and falls in
love with a mysterious song. Then he’s kidnapped and doesn’t know if
he’ll ever find the tsum tsum of his dreams. Can the Avengers help him?

A Tsumy Situation by Cena316AA:
After a confrontation with Dr. Doom, Steve Rogers is left in a state
he’s never experienced before. The only thing he can do now is rely on
Tony Stark to return him back to normal.

Plush Slugs by thebrutalityofreality:
Before leaving for his next business trip, Tony gives Steve strange
plush toys of Captain America and Iron Man to keep him company.

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