Teasing and Tickling

Teasing and Tickling

do you have any recs that focus on teasing? words only or tickling or…just one of them going out of their way to make the other start losing it because they’re so past ready for a firm touch

Teasing and Tickling, huh?  Actually, there are some adorable (and hot) fics with teasing and flirting, Most of these are fairly short for obvious reasons, since neither of them can hold out for long, though the teasing varies from sexual to just flirtation.  All in the name of true love, though!


Oral Exercise by Del_Rion:
Steve tries his hand at the teasing game – or rather, his oral skills. Tony appreciates it more than he’s willing to admit.

Unsuited by AnonEhouse:
Captain America does not kill people with his dick.

(winner of world’s best summary, imho)

touch too much by starkravingcap: Look, Tony just wants to get laid, and Steve is making it way more difficult than it needs to be.Or; the one where Steve is an asshole and Tony is actually going to kill him this time. Seriously.

Breathe by teaandcharcoal:
Steve is never able to keep up with Tony in the bedroom, so he allows
Tony to tie him down and tease him until he’s satisfied. Unapologetic

“Assemble” is a really bad safeword by fakesheep-luna: “I’m really not in the mood right now to hear about
what a control freak I am, sweetheart.” Steve sighed, resting his brow
on Tony’s thigh. His lover just smiled and brought a hand to
brush through blond hair. “I’m not giving you a lecture, darling. But
it’s true. You are always trying to be in control, of everything, so I’m
offering you an outlet.““Huh?”

Pool Day by @captainneverever:
Tony finds out about Steve’s cheap swim trunks.

What Steve Found in Tony’s Bedroom by @captainneverever:
Tony is surprised by what Steve got up to while he was away on business.

Seeing is Believing by avengercat:
‘Kidnapped’ by villains, blindfolds become a hot topic between Steve and
Tony. If being the blindfolded one will convince Steve to try them out,
Tony doesn’t think it’s really a hardship.

Aesthetic Appreciation by @theappleppielifestyle: “Nice shirt, Stark.”It’s Natasha, sounding strangely- smug, maybe?- for reasons Tony doesn’t much care to know.“I know,” Tony says, not opening his eyes. He tilts his head back,
lets out a satisfied sigh and rearranges himself on the chair. The sun
climbs another inch of his abs when his shirt rides up with the motion.Today’s a good day, Tony thinks contentedly, and continues sucking lazily on the popsicle.(Or, Tony wears a crop top. Steve, among other people, notices.)

Dare to Tease by @xtaticpearl:
Steve thought he was doing an excellent job of teasing Tony and riling
him up into a mess of want. It would be only days before he would
finally give in. What he didn’t expect is for Tony to turn the tables on
him and Natasha to help Tony. One Truth or Dare game is all it takes
for Tony to completely wreck him. In the good way, of course.

Tease by Halfling:
Tony likes to tease Steve.

Don’t Ruin This, Tony by orphan_account:
“I’m your Captain, Stark.” Steve snapped, “You’ll do whatever I like.”

The Popsicle Incident by shoot_to_thrill:
He was definitely doing it on purpose. There was no way in hell that he was just innocently eating that popsicle.

In which Steve is a tease by punygod:
A little bit of soapy water never hurt anyone

Hotter, Better, Faster, Stronger by scribblywobblytimeylimey: So Tony finds out about these Infinity Rocks or
whatever, and apparently those sparkly-ass pebbles are more powerful
than his Iron Man suits.It takes a lot of convincing from Steve
to tell Tony he is bigger, better, stronger, and more powerful than any
of these so-called Guardians of the Galaxy. Sexier, too.In the end, it takes a lot of showing him he’s sexier to take Tony’s mind off it.

Please Please Me by @blossomsinthemist:
Steve looked so beautiful flushed and wanting, on his knees, begging.
Written for Day Four of Kinktober: Begging.

Mind Your Language by taormina:
Tony loves it when Steve uses bad language.

Don’t Tease Me (With Your Sexy Ways) by AetherSprite:
Tony really wishes Steve would stop teasing him. Surely he knows how
damn attractive he is and how deeply Tony has already fallen for him.

Fever Gettin’ Higher by RurouniHime:
Yeah, okay, Steve Rogers knows what sexual harassment is. Despite
his out-of-fashion upbringing, he’s not some backwater Neanderthal,
thank you, he gets why it’s bad. He’ll go to bat for anyone who
determines they’re the victim of unwelcome advances in the workplace.
He’s not devaluing its impact, for god’s sake.

But the key word here, as he sees it, is ‘unwelcome.’ And that… might not be what this is.

Body Language by EquinoxSolstice:
It was just Clint Barton’s luck, who had the sharpest eyes on the team,
that he managed to sit in between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers in an
Avengers meeting. The sexual tension was suffocating, but then again, he
was having too much fun trying to figure out the quiet,
not-at-all-subtle, innocent-but-not-really flirtation between Captain
America and Iron Man.

All Better by @festiveferret, @sirsapling:
The first time it happened, Steve almost clocked Tony in the face.

For You by ShadyCarson:
Tony has an idea in his head about Steve’s sexual experience, and what
he would want in the bedroom. Thinking he is doomed to have sweet
romantic sex for the rest of his life, Tony accepts his fate. Steve has
something to say about that.

Karma by Endellion:
Tony spends the day teasing Steve.

On the Clock by ashinan smut:
Tony likes propositions. Steve likes teasing. They both forget about the toaster.

Frisson by within_a_rustic_cafe: Frisson: n. A shiver of pleasure.Tony had been
on conference calls and webinars for the past few days. Steve’s found a
great way to relieve the man’s stress…If Fury would stop interrupting

Steve Is the Worst by DictionaryWrites:
Request: can you do something with stony and hickeys?

Mirrors by 3BeesAndCoffee3:
Steve likes teasing Tony in front of a mirror until he’s begging for him to fuck him.

Gentle by nhasablog: “Go on,” Steve urged him softly. “I won’t judge.”“Just…be gentle? I think I just need to laugh and feel good. Not get completely wrecked.”Steve understood what he meant. “No teasing, then?”Tony nodded. “No teasing, as nice as it usually is.”(Or, Tony is feeling a little down after a mission and asks Steve to give him gentle tickles rather than rough ones.) (this author writes a lot of fics with tickling, so check out their other works)

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