Superfamily and Kidfic

Superfamily and Kidfic

I know you don’t read kid fics but if you can’t rec some superfamily
fics w peter or an oc is only a toddler maybe your followers can help?
Thank you!!

I’ve gotten a couple of these types of asks, and I’ll give you some suggestions (check out the Single Father Steve or Tony recs,
too) with the caveat that I’m not the best one to ask for these, since I
really don’t read a lot of superfamily or kidfic.  That being said, I
think it is safe to say that if you do like those tropes, these are some
great ones. If anyone has other suggestions, feel free to add them. Enjoy!


My Son, My Sun by @wordsplat:
Just before the events of Iron Man, a baby is left on Tony’s doorstep.
He wants nothing to do with it at first, but his time in Afghanistan
changes his mind and Tony vows to become a better man for his son’s

Home is Where the Time Machine Is by @wordsplat:
Steve and Tony’s daughter accidentally falls back in time, and learns
that impossible time travel phone calls can and will be made just to
ground you, big brothers are awful snitches, and parents used to date
other people. The past blows.

Rescue by @wordsplat:
The Avengers rescued a lot of children over the years, but only one ever rescued them.

Proof Positive  (series) by @megaranoelle:
Tony is no stranger to paternity claims from his female
conquests, there’s a system in place for them. But when one of the
tests actually comes back positive, he makes a rash decision to not tell
anyone about it, not even Pepper Potts. All Mary Parker wants is for
Tony to spend a little time with their son, and she’ll badger Tony Stark
into showing up at least twice a month in any way that she can.And
then he goes missing for three months in Afghanistan. Tony has a lot to
think about in his life now, how he wants to run his company, how his
life is going to change with the arc reactor, and what he’s going to do
about his son, Peter. Then, the Avengers Initiative pops up, and in
waltzes his childhood hero, and enemy, Captain America.Follows IM1, IM2,
Avengers. Not canon-compliant, but follows the plots. Tags to be added
as written. Bad summary.

There’s a History Between Us (and People Think Its Mine)
by IamShadow21: A moment is all it takes to open up the box and confirm
his suspicion.“I think you’re right, Cap,” Tony says. “This isn’t my

Buy You a Mockingbird by jadedoll:
Babyfic! When Tony unexpectedly becomes a parent, his world view
drastically changes. And changes. Then it changes again. And then again.

Like a Tattered Doll by @captainshellhead, vibraniumstark:
Steve had heard that having a child strengthened your relationship. This was…a little more complicated.

The Ava Stark-Rogers Series by @stonyinspiration​: Steve Stark-Rogers has smoothly transitioned from his role as
Captain America into his role as a parent. Watching his new baby girl,
he reflects on his original reluctance the first time Tony brought up
the idea of fatherhood, and how being a parent has significantly altered
his perception.The first piece of a series of shorts involving
Steve Rogers and Tony Stark with a daughter. Will hopefully lead up to a
longer story that involves her transition into becoming the Iron Woman.
(Series can be read in any order)

If I Die Young by @musicalluna: Tony and Steve are trying to keep their little boy
(who’s not so little anymore) out of the superhero business for as long
as possible, but when a kid’s as stubborn as Peter is, they can’t always
stop him.And sometimes things go wrong. Really, really wrong.

Flux (part of series) by @musicalluna: Fifteen-year-old Peter has grown up amongst Earth’s
Mightiest Heroes–in fact, his dads are their leaders. Unfortunately,
that means he’s never quite sure they’re coming home and after years of
watching them on the front lines, he wants to do more than just sit at
home and pray.Steve and Tony are thrilled that their son wants to
follow in their footsteps, but they’ve dedicated their every waking
breath to making sure that he doesn’t have to and that he grows up
normal. Or as normal is as possible, considering his lineage.But
when Peter elicits the help of a scientist trying to create the next
super soldier serum, he’ll learn that actions, no matter how noble their
intentions, have consequences. And not only for himself.

Night Light by Clints13Arrow:
“I don’t understand, what do you want from me? I’ve fed you, I’ve
changed you, I’ve rocked you, I’ve turned you on your belly, heck I’ve
even sang for you but you’re still crying. Come on, talk to me,
munchkin,” Tony begged rocking Peter and walking around the penthouse of
the Avengers tower.

Sarah-verse (series) by Rurouni_Hime:
It’s just another Sunday, until it isn’t, and Tony’s own life becomes the very last thing he’s concerned about.

Tony Does Not Have Daddy Issues (But Everybody Else Does) by
romanoff: Tony Stark Does Not Have Daddy Issues.Until he finds a baby.
Then he has daddy issues.It doesn’t go well for anyone involved. Except
the baby.“Jesus Christ!” Clint shouts and presses the com in his ear
“Natasha, Stark’s on the run. And he’s got a baby.”

Tales of the Bots (series) by @scifigrl47: When Tony Stark was seventeen years old, he built his first AI.
On that day, he ceased to be his father’s creation, and became a
creating force in his own right.That one act likely saved his life, and not always in the most obvious ways.

just as smart, twice as stubborn by @theappleppielifestyle: “On a scale of ‘make me sleep on the couch’ to ‘take
Sarah away from me and kick me out of the tower,’ how angry at me would
you be if I told you our infant daughter’s first word was a swear word?”(Or, Steve and Tony raise a kid. Shenanigans ensue.)

But the Heart by kahn:
“Okay. So.  Kids.  It can’t be too hard, right?  People dumber than
us raise kids all the time.  Not much to them.  Just feed them, water
them, distract them with shiny things and make sure they aren’t
unsupervised for too long.  Speaking of which, how long has tiny-spawn been alone in your kitchen?”

Steve and Tony (and The Avengers!) from the movie!cast +
child!Peter Parker with a very AU backstory involving genetic
experimentation aboard an abandoned space station (but that
doesn’t–strangely enough–feature all that heavily).

light brought in buckets by soldierly:
Tony and Steve adopt a young Peter, and Tony handles being a father with all the grace that can be expected of him.

Counterpart by sara_holmes: coun•ter•part  [koun-ter-pahrt] [noun] 1. a person or
thing closely resembling another, especially in function. 2. a copy;
duplicate. 3. one of two parts that fit, complete, or complement one
another.Just because Hydra used the DNA of a Captain America from
another dimension to create a lab-grown, six-year-old super-soldier, it
doesn’t mean that said six-year old super-soldier is biologically
Steve’s, right?(Where Steve wants to ban Clint from bringing things home from alternative dimensions, until he doesn’t.)

Signs of Life by cvsossong:
Tony Stark gets thrown into a new world when a one- night stand ends
with him having a son. When it’s discovered that Peter is deaf due to
his mother’s mistakes while pregnant, Tony vows to become the father he
never had. Fortunately, he’s got the Avengers to step up as a team— and a

It Takes a Village (or a team of superheroes)  (series) by cvsossong:
Three months after the Chitauri attack, Tony received a phone call that
changed his life. (Or, the one in which a group of remarkable people
come together and balance battling villains and raising a child).

Don’t Call Captain America Dad by Eudoxia:
Peter accidentally tells his parents he’s Spider-man. And now he has to
deal with his stupid parents being stupid. And overprotective.

Hanging From a Thread by @pensversusswords: In his youth, Tony would have never imagined that one
day it would be normal for him to have to pry his stubborn spider child
off of the ceiling.Yet, here he was, and he wouldn’t change that for the world.

Me, You and Peter, Too by starspangledsprocket: Steve can’t stomach the thought of Peter growing up in
an orphanage. He knows what that’s like, and he will do anything to stop
that from happening to another child. If that means he adopts Peter
himself, so be it. In the meantime, he has to figure out what to do about his feelings for Tony.

Keeping Secrets Isn’t Healthy by slightly_salty_ace: Tony Stark adopts Peter after his aunt is killed in an
accident. Only, he doesn’t tell any of the Avengers about the adoption.
Two years later, and the team is starting to figure it out. Or so they
think. More and more secrets are revealed as they dig deeper, and the
Avengers are finding it just a bit more difficult to trust one another.
New villains are on the rise, pushing the team ever closer to their
limits. It isn’t long after the team starts to fall apart that Peter goes missing.

Deep In the Heart of Me
by Finely_Honed: There were days when the realization that he was
someone’s father made Steve’s head hurt, but mostly he was grateful that
he could trust his instincts, because apparently Peter was what had
been missing from his life. Yes, he still had lingering, unresolved
issues from his time in the Army, and sure, he had what Bucky annoyingly
referred to as a criminally untapped ass, and no life outside of work
and Peter, but Steve was okay with how his life had turned out because
of trusting his instincts.Unfortunately, those same instincts had
straight up betrayed him by going absolutely haywire upon being exposed
to Tony Stark.  Veteran single dad Steve runs a tattoo shop. For his 40th
birthday, Pepper arranges for Tony to get that tattoo he always wanted,
and he winds up with the mother of all crushes instead. Jumping out of
airplanes is one thing, but falling in love is something else entirely.
Steve struggles with the idea of actually letting someone into his life.
Tony is left trying to keep his heart from being broken while Steve
figures things out.

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