High School AUs

High School AUs

Do you know of any good high schoolers Steve x tony fics? I think I’ve got them all but am not sure 

Sorry it took so long for me to get to this one. There are some great Avengers Academy fics (Non-Angst AVAC and NSFW AVAC), so definitely check those out, but here are some other high school fics that you might enjoy!


You’re Not Stubborn (Just Impossible) by @wordsplat​:
Steve’s an alpha, Tony’s an omega. Biology should take care of the rest,
right? Except, Tony’s not anything like TV taught Steve omegas were–or
like anyone else Steve’s ever met, actually–and Steve should really
learn to just keep his mouth shut about that. Also, it doesn’t help that
Tony’s not too keen on the idea of alphas. Or Steve. Yeah, this bonding
thing looked a whole lot easier on TV.

Neanderthals in Tights (Also Known as a Football Game) by @wordsplat​:
In which Tony supports Steve at his first big football game, with guest
appearances by an exasperated Pepper and an embarrassed Bruce, because
yeah, okay, maybe Tony’s not really one hundred percent clear on the
rules of this game. Why, exactly, are a bunch of neanderthals tackling
his boyfriend again?

A Wish Your Heart Makes by @wordsplat​:
Tony’s magical night has a few restrictions. Thankfully, his friends
are amazing and his prince is exceedingly persistent.(Very vaguely a
Cinderella AU.)

Not Just Anybody by tictactoews:
Staying mad at Tony Stark is hard work if your name is Steve Rogers.

Steve Rogers’ Life Is Not a Romance Movie (He Wouldn’t Get the References Anyway) by someoneelsesheart: Steve hasn’t always had this ridiculous crush on Tony Stark. (Or,
the one where Steve is his polite old self and doesn’t really hate Tony
Stark (unfortunately), Tony is a child progidy and apparently a cab
driver now, too, and high school is still high school, even when you are
the son of a billionaire.)

Thunderstruck by @kurowrites​: Yet another High School AU.Tony is a geek. Steve
is a jock. Both of them might have a major crush on each other.
Luckily, they have some very, very good friends. Friends that might sometimes be a real life-saver.

Hey Moon by indigostohelit:
The world is big, and empty, and fake, and their feet are tangled
together on the bedsheets, and Steve’s watching Tony, and Tony’s
watching the stars. From the kink meme.

A Second of Totality by @stark-spangled-lovers​: {TO•TAL•ITY | The moment when the light from the eclipsed sun is totally obscured}Tony
Stark is a lot of things: Sixteen. High school graduate. Child prodigy.
Obsessed with solar eclipses. And also hopelessly in love with his
ex-best friend Steve Rogers. At the end of high school, life sucks in a
not very sexy way, and there’s only one thing Tony’s looking forward to:
a road trip to witness the first solar eclipse on American mainland in
four decades. Over a week of world-stopping kisses and holes in the sky,
Tony finally gets a chance to tell Steve how he really feels. But can
the one short week end in anything but goodbye?

see a thing a thousand times by Mizzy:
Whoever came up with the rule that SHIELD agents in modern times had to
be a certain age should be shot. Obviously the solution is for Steve to
travel back in time. (If only things were ever that easy.)

the family you choose by @theappleppielifestyle: “Just who exactly was my son making out with in a closet?”“Tony Stark.”Huh.“You
might know him,” Fury continues, and Sarah nods, furiously biting at
her cheek so she doesn’t do something awful, like giggle.

strays by @theappleppielifestyle: Tony will take whatever he can get from Steve, which is pathetic, because he’s not even really friends with him.Or,
the highschool!AU where Pepper is Tony’s much-needed therapist, Darcy
is his parter in crime, Bruce needs to go through puberty, Clint shows
up to school with bruises and Steve just wants everyone to get through
this intact.

going on a ride by @theappleppielifestyle:
“You want to take me for a ride on your motorcycle,” Tony repeats, slow
so he can process it as he’s saying it, “because you think my glasses
are cute.”

(Part 1 of going on a ride series)

driving fast down dark roads (series) by @theappleppielifestyle:
“I can stop if I want to,” Tony says, and something inside him feels like drowning.

Hot Summer Nights by @tonystarksnipples​:
Tony moves into the apartment directly across the street from Steve.
Their windows face each other and there’s a small piece of roof jutting
out between them, connecting in the middle. As the summer goes on, they
find themselves crawling out their windows to spend more and more time

Locker Boy by orphan_account:
No one had ever imagined the football player and the nerd might get
together, especially when the nerd was another guy, but things change
when Steve Rogers walks into the locker room and hears a voice inside a
nearby locker begging for help.

On My Way to Believing (series) by @pensversusswords​:
In which there is a first date, a giant octopus, and Tony is scared of Ferris wheels.

High School Can Be Problematic (series) by Heartithateyou:
Tony is back at the principal’s office, where he happens to meet another
student who’s tall, blonde, and handsome.And apparently a bit of a

All-American Boy by Pearl_Unplanned:
It was supposed to be a fun little gathering. The issue was that Tony
invited the entire senior class, which meant All-American Boy showed up
with his Sweetheart Girlfriend.
Tony didn’t have a problem with
Steve—in fact, it was exactly the opposite. He had a crush on Steve. And
Steve had a girlfriend. Right?

The Faster We’re Falling (Instead of Going Under) by loopyzoop:
Tony’s expelled, stuck in a public high school for the first time in his
life, knows no one, hates everything, and needs a coffee.
Basically, everything sucks.
Then he gets a text from a wrong number.

Bullying by xMarrrvelx:
Steve finds out that Tony has been a victim of bullying for ages…so, naturally, he wants to help.

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