Steve Belongs to the Government

Steve Belongs to the Government

You are amazing!!! I love all the reccing you do!! Can you think of any fics where Steve was found/is owned by the army? Shield never found him and Ross/whatever general is doing his best to make poor Steeb miserable. Like in “His Fate Will Be Unlearned” by (THE) scifigrl47.

I don’t know of many exactly like that, but here are a few sort of along those lines that you might like.  Anyone have other suggestions I’m forgetting?


Nostalgia by @some-blue-jack:
“Fuck my life.  Why me?” Tony asked.

The Silence In Between by @winterstar95:
Steve Rogers put the Red Skull’s plane filled with bombs that could end
civilization into the Arctic Ocean at the cost of his life. Over seventy
years later, he wakes up imprisoned and under the control of the State,
a tyrannical government based on the legacy of Johann Schmidt and
Hydra. With a neural net implanted in his brain to control his every
move, his every thought, Steve Rogers, once Captain America, is assigned
as Primary Designate for one of the Ruling Families. His duties as
Primary Designate include the protection of the sole remaining heir to
Stark Industries, Tony Stark. As bodyguard, Steve learns that the world
is a very different place; not all is as it seems, and no one can be
trusted. His introduction to the 21st century has just begun but the war
against Hydra is everlasting.

In Your Place, there were a thousand other faces by YourFadedGlory: Steve took the perfunctory steps backward until his
shoulder blades were pressed to the cold concrete while the tray was
slid in. A styrofoam bowl filled with pale brown mush that looked a
whole lot like oatmeal and tasted a whole lot like nothing, a styrofoam
cup filled with lukewarm water, two green pills the size of paperclips,
and a chocolate bar?Or, the one where Steve’s been missing for years but the whole world just assumes he’s been on the run. (part of Judgment series)

Prisoner’s Dilemma by @awesomeavocadolove:
After taking the airplane down in the Arctic, Steve wakes to find
himself imprisoned as a human test subject. With no idea where in the
world he is, his only ally is a fast-talking inventor in the cell next
door. Something’s off about Tony that Steve can’t put his finger on, and
it’s obvious Tony doesn’t fully trust him either. But to escape they
may not have a choice…

To the Victor by @thegraytigress: Nightmares are real.  Tony is living one.  It’s awful,
unending, torturous.  It’s driving him mad.  It’s killing him.  He just
wants to wake up and go back to his life with Steve, a life filled with
love and happiness. Yet every day the hell of reality presses down,
because Steve went on a mission. Steve made the ultimate sacrifice.
Steve is never coming home. And Tony can’t let himself believe it.

His Fate Will Be Unlearned by @scifigrl47; Tony Stark spent his childhood making weapons, filling
the hole his father left in the world when he succumbed to alcohol,
grief, and his own demons. At the age of fifteen, he ran away from home,
and made it as far as MIT before all of his responsibilities caught up
to him. Now seventeen, he just wants to finish his degree and escape
from everything connected to the Stark name. Steve Rogers crashed
into the icy North Atlantic in the 1940’s, sacrificing himself to save
the world.  He never expected to wake up, and now that he has, he’s not
sure he’s glad.  The US Army has other plans for him, but for now, Steve
is slowly learning to live life in the 21st century, and taking classes
at Boston College.  He’s beginning to suspect that there is no escape.Boston
College is on the T’s Green Line.  MIT is on the Red.  The two lines
meet at the Park Street Station, and so will Steve and Tony.

Unethical Experimentation by Sheyrena Wyrsabane:
Steve agrees to experimentation in hopes of recreating the super serum
but the longer the experiments go on, the more the scientists forget
that Steve’s a human being, and things escalate. Tony gets wind of what
happens and goes to find Steve. Steve/Tony friendship.


Show Me How to Live by @imafriendlydalek:
The world has moved on since Captain America went into the ice, Steve
had been told by his handler at SHIELD, an agent he knows only as
Sitwell. Genetic modification of humans is very much forbidden by
international law, and with the country already embroiled in war,
Captain America has to remain hidden.
It’s 2005 and Steve is back at
art school, this time in Boston. At an event that involves melting
metal, he sees a pair of familiar eyes. As they get to know each other,
Steve and Tony also learn the truth behind the lies they have been told.