Steve Jealous of Tony/Other

Steve Jealous of Tony/Other

Hey sabremom! Merry Christmas to you!! I hope you have a great
year ahead. By the way, do you happen to know any good Stony fics in
which Tony is in another relationship and Steve falls in love with him?
Thank you 😘😘

A very belated Merry Christmas!  You can see how behind I am on these
asks, but here are a few featuring Steve all pining and jealous over
Tony being with (or possibly being with) someone else.  Enjoy!


Logical Fallacies by @laireshi​:
“I thought you were dating Clint,” Steve said, and Tony dropped the screwdriver.

A Strange Doomsday by @laireshi​:
“Doom has no designs on Stark’s virtue,” Doom says. “You do not need to worry, Captain.”

In Your Arms, I’d Like to Stay by PriyaxRishabh: For this prompt from Illbetherestonyfest that I couldn’t get to in time, because children are a nightmare.[MCU]
Avengers back together. Tony keeps a polite distance from Cap, but
starts an odd friendship with Bucky: They do things they used to do w
Cap and bond over mutual interests Cap never had. Cue jealous Cap in
denial that it can be anything but friendly jealousy. He’s just jealous
Tony is replacing him with Bucky, right? (wrong).
Bonus 1: Tony is aware of Cap’s jealousy, but thinks he’s jealous of Bucky. Cue jealous Tony provoking Cap’s jealousy even more.
Bonus 2: Bucky knows the truth of it all.

What about us? by @gottalovev​:
Don’t get Steve wrong: he is grateful Star-Lord and his crew joined the
fight against Thanos. The blatant flirting with Tony, though? He doesn’t
like it at all.

Dog Day Afternoon by MarvelousMenagerie: Tony tries diplomacy with the latest threat to the
Academy – the Lemurians – by trading shark repellent for crab. He tries
to bond with Hercules too, one of the latest recruits, through their
mutual shared interest of wearing speedos.It’s supposed to be a fun day at the beach, but Steve Rogers isn’t
pleased with the situation. The Lemurians, he likes. Hercules and his
attire…not so much.

(Mis)communication is Key in a Relationship by AngeNoir:
It would be easier, Steve knew, if Tony just didn’t like Warren so much

Everybody Wants Some by Maeglin_Yedi:
Tony gets propositioned. A lot.

He Didn’t Mind by lwielaura:
Steve couldn’t help but feel a little offended.
Because he always had been pretty sure that Tony was straight before Bucky had moved in.
And yes, he was offended but never would he admit that he was utterly and completely jealous.

The Competition Never Stops by MiniRaven:
Steve’s been watching Tony for awhile, but holds himself back from
acting on his feelings. Too late does Steve realize that he’s in love
with the brilliant young man when an array of attractive individuals
come by and try to steal Tony’s attention. Steve may be late to the
party, but that doesn’t mean he won’t put up a fight.

Muscles With a Side of Baby Blues by PalauMaggot:
If your date is nice to you but rude to the staff, then they are not a nice person.

At Least One Night Stands Aren’t Oblivious by
Heartithateyou: Steve meets one of Tony’s one night stands who looks a
lot like… Him.And he definitely has some interesting things to say.

Good For You by @orbingarrow​: Steve doesn’t understand why Tony dates people who abuse him.  Tony doesn’t understand why Steve cares.  The
rest is bad choices, good choices, rehab, milkshakes, paintball,
YouTube videos, couples therapy and learning to put the past in the
past.  Or: How Tony finds his happy ending.

DRAFT: Tiberius (WiP) by @musicalluna​: First draft.When Tony’s boyfriend Tiberius opens
their relationship, Tony agrees, because what else is he going to do?
He wants him to be happy.That’s when he meets Steve Rogers.

So Much That I Wanna Do by @chibisquirt​:
Steve wants Tony, but Tony has a boyfriend.  Then Tony’s boyfriend talks
him into a Public Use fantasy, and it’s a little too tempting for Steve
to resist.  Based on this prompt:  Tony is left out for public use,
Steve takes his turn.

Jealousy by Rionaa:
Tony and Bucky flirt constantly, but they don’t mean anything by it. Then one day it goes too far…

Use What You’ve Got
by YouMakeMeDokiDoki:This whole situation was going downhill and fast.
was supposed to be a routine track ‘em down, take ‘em out job but
somehow ended up in this no name, no talent villain’s hideout made of
adamantium and gamma suppressing energy fields, and where he got those
Tony would never knowORThe one where Tony has sex with the villain de
jour and the team thinks he’s a two timing slut. Until they don’t.

Only Mine by sierra451:
Steve has a problem with the way Director Fury’s replacement flirts with Tony and makes his feelings loud and clear.

Take a Number by @51st:
So what if Tony Stark is sleeping with everybody else (except him)? Why
would Steve care? He doesn’t even like Tony, and certainly not like

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