Sex in an Elevator

Sex in an Elevator

Since you said earlier there is a bunch of sex in the elevator fics, can I have a list of those?

Indeed!  Who doesn’t love an elevator fic?  Granted, these are almost all smut, not that this is a complaint of any kind.  Enjoy!


Elevator Going Down by @cptxrogers:
An alternative version of that elevator scene from Iron Man and Captain America: Heroes United.

Shield HQ’s Elevators and Their Untold Perils by Fellfire:
Some things you just ‘never’ want to see. Rumlow is sure that Tony Stark
deflowering Captain America in the main elevator kind of fits the bill.
Or How Team Stony managed to both traumatize the Hydra and stop their World Domination Plan™ with just one elevator ‘ride’.

Reflections of Separation by torianmist: Tony returns from a business trip. Steve has missed Tony. Tony has missed Steve. A lot. and oh, hey look, an elevator.*My take on a certain elevator scene lifted from Rainproof and Teaberryblue’s incomparable ‘1796 Broadway’*

Love in an Elevator by SimplyEllie:
Tony and Steve get stuck in an elevator on the way to a S.H.I.E.L.D. debriefing. But then again, who’s complaining?

Games by carolinka:
Tony kicks his jeans in front of the door of the elevator. “JARVIS, you
don’t need to lock the elevator. Let’s see if Cap here can handle the

Stuck by tresa_cho: Tony and Steve are trapped in an elevator.

The Guy in the Elevator by @captainneverever:
Tony meets a gorgeous guy in the elevator but something’s not right.
Steve is stuck in limbo, but he meets a handsome guy who catches his
eye. Meanwhile there is a rampaging supervillain and the world might
just need a new superhero team.

Confined Spaces and Misunderstandings Do Not A Good Plan Make, Clint aka This is Why Steve is the Tactician by LadyMerlin:
An elevator, a spilled drink and a ripped shirt, some
terrible misunderstandings, and a breakdown of wills. In which
everyone’s finally had enough of this UST bullshit, and Jarvis is a
very, very useful ally.

You’re the One Who Wanted to Explore by Azuras_Wisdom:
Yes, it was Tony Stark that had made his way into a starring role into
Steve’s fantasies. Sometimes he was covered in black motor oil, wearing a
tight-fitting tank top and low riding jeans asking Steve if he could
“spare a moment to help him upgrade the Iron Man armour” which led to an
intense blow job in Stark’s work shop. Other times, Tony was in his
Iron Man armour and Steve’s mission was to make him come without ever
touching his skin. A lot of the time, Steve just pictured him naked,
with an arrogant smirk oh his face, gently masturbating while Steve

Stuck Alone by @tari-aldarion:
Anon: “Hello! I see you’re taking prompts and I loved the bed sharing
one so how abt non-powered au where steve knows tony is extremely
claustrophobic. he is heading back home, he’s like 5 minutes away when
he gets a call form weird sounding tony: ‘steve i know we’re kinda not
talking and you’re still mad at me, but im stuck alone in our elevator’.
tony called him without thinking, because he has never been this afraid
in his entire life.”

Shocking SHIELD (fanart) by nanuk_dain:
There’s that one day when Tony decides that he wants to traumatise
SHIELD personnel by seducing Captain America – in the main elevator of
SHIELD Headquarters.