Captain America’s Thawing/Steve in the Ice

Captain America’s Thawing/Steve in the Ice

I really love your writing and fanfic lists. Have you some about how
Captain America was thawed? Maybe not main theme, just heavy comics

Interesting! I don’t really know but one that kind of deals with
that, but here are a few that deal with Steve in the ice in more depth
that you might enjoy.  If anyone has a suggestion, please feel free to add it.


i’ll stop the world and melt with you by fantalaimon: Inside were a bunch of shivering lab techs and a bigass
block of ice. Tony could make out the impression of a body inside it,
but he was hesitant to rush forward for a closer look.“Recalibrating sensors for the decreased temperature, sir,” JARVIS
said, and then lights were flashing up on the display, and Tony just
about pissed himself.“Holy shit.”

some say, in ice by @laireshi​:
Steve’s last thought was, Tony will come for me.

Dreams of Ice and Wake Shivering by @captainshellhead​, vibraniumstark:
Steve accidentally hurts Tony when he wakes up from a nightmare. Tony isn’t going to let Steve make this about him, though.

Before I Knew You by somanyfeels:
When Steve came out of the ice, he was stuck in a bed for weeks, unable
to move and talk and everyone around him assumed he was unconscious.
But he wasn’t, he was perfectly aware of everything going on around him,
he heard everything the people around him said and very little of it
made sense.  Until a man came into his room by mistake and kept coming
back to visit.

We Are All Vagabonds, We Are All Battle Born by mara_joy:
In dreams, Steve could see it coming. He could see that thick, soupy
mist reaching its tendrils over what was in front of him and around him,
enveloping everything in its path. The air itself seemed to crystallize
and glimmer, and he could almost see his breath turn into tiny daggers
of ice. Sometimes it was a slowly rising tide, deep blue water that
inched closer and closer. It crawled its way up, over his toes, up his
legs, towards his lap, around his chest. It would slow the closer it got
to his mouth, to his nose, like it was saying I’m here, you can’t stop me.
It would gradually cover his eyes until all there was, was a dark blur.
Until there was only a vague hint of bright blue light glowing in the
distance, before nothing.

Oubliette by @kiyaar​:
Steve is awake, in the ice.

Wanted by flitterflutterfly:
When Captain America is found frozen in ice, not all is well. Body weak
and heart frail, he is nowhere near the hero Nick Fury was expecting. To
boost him into the man he is supposed to be, Fury steals one of Tony
Stark’s back up arc reactors. As Steve gets both better and worse
simultaneously, Tony sets out to confront SHIELD to save the once-hero
from Fury’s overconfident mistake.

Illusions of Heat and Cold by @winterstar95​: This is an answer to the prompt on avengerkink meme. After a mission to Antarctica, Steve needs cuddles.  It
devours every morsel of him. It eats him like a monster might shred the
weakest of prey. He’s torn asunder with nothing between him and the
cold. The cold will always be there, death is cold and glacial in its
aspects. He experienced death for seventy years; he felt its fingers
creep up his spine like a million centipedes plucking at every nerve. He
froze and froze but never did. How could he freeze if he’d been in
stasis? No, his body didn’t succumb to the ice, it became the ice and he
its prisoner. The mutation of the serum in his blood seized him, kept
him alive and tortured him for seventy years.

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