Mission Goes Wrong, Steve & Tony Comfort Each Other

Mission Goes Wrong, Steve & Tony Comfort Each Other

Sabre Hi 🙂 I couldn’t decide whether I shoul write to you from here or to your other accpunt so here we go… I was wondering if you did any “mission gone wrong” lists? Our boys hurt and stick to eachother, support eachother?

I think you could put a lot of “convenient cabin” fics in here, but I’ll try to find some for you that aren’t just that trope.


Post-Mission Confessions by poetsandzombies:  Steve and Tony find shelter post mission-gone-wrong.

Across the Universe by antigrav_vector:  During a mission, Iron Man vanishes. Captain America isn’t about leave a man down – or missing – on the field. Going after his missing teammate reveals a bit more than he really intended, though. Now, he has to decide what – if anything – he wants to do about the feelings he’s finally had to acknowledge.

Laying Down on the Wire by just_another_tinker: Things have been going great. The New Avengers are called to a mission where they need to rely on an old friend. Until things go wrong.

Snowblind by @kurowrites​:  On Iron Man’s insistence, Tony Stark gets involved in an Avengers mission. Unfortunately, things go very, very wrong, and Steve and Tony get kidnapped. Emotional turmoil ensues (mostly on Steve’s side).

Disrepair by Tippet:  In the aftermath of a mission gone wrong, Steve deals with the denaturation of the serum and Natasha gets Tony involved.

Crash Into You by @festiveferret​: Tony was pretty used to crashing.It seemed like these days more often than not his return to earth in the Iron Man suit was at least somewhat out of control. He couldn’t count the number of times he’d used a helpfully situated building, a local landmark, or, hey, even a teammate to slow a wild descent. And he’d be damned if he’d admit it to Pepper, but on more than one occasion he hadn’t even been conscious when he’d hit the ground.So crashing wasn’t really a new experience. He would get banged up a bit, maybe put a scratch in the suit somewhere, but bruised ribs healed and there was no better way to work off the post-battle high than smoothing dents out of his most prized possession.He had a feeling crashing in the Quinjet, without his armour, was going to be a bit different.

By Laws of Time and Space Decay by @captainshellhead​, vibraniumstark: After a mission in South Africa goes horribly wrong, Tony is presumed dead, and Steve embarks on a mission to find the man who killed him and the cosmic cube that he took with him.Of course they’re Avengers, and nothing–not revenge, not even death–is ever that simple.

Never For the Dragon by @ladyshadowdrake:
On what should be a routine mission to disable an abandoned Hydra base,
Steve is captured by persons unknown. Getting him back should have been
the hard part, but that’s just the beginning of a new danger facing the

Tied to You by @stark-spangled-lovers:
What does it take for Steve and Tony to get over their insecurities and
denial? Being kidnapped and tied up together. Naked. Obviously.

Luminosity by @captainshellhead​, vibraniumstark: The Avengers organize a two month mission to investigate an anomaly in space that appears to be engulfing planets, Steve is worried about leaving Tony alone, and Hawkeye is just worried about being left behind. But then something goes wrong. Steve drags himself out of the wreckage of their ship, on a planet that shouldn’t exist, the Avengers are missing, Iron Man is torn to scraps, and Tony has a lot of explaining to do.Or, in which Steve has no clue that Tony is Iron Man, and it takes crash-landing on an alien planet for him to find out.

15 Minutes, 35 Days (the Off-Piste in Rjukan Remix) by @veldeia:
A failed attempt to sabotage a HYDRA research facility leaves Steve and
Tony at the mercy of the enemy. Will they survive to see another day

All Tied Up With Nowhere to Go by @laglemon:
Steve and Tony are captured after a battle.  Their captors try to keep
them from escaping by taping them together… naked.  Sexy-time ensues.

Eigengrau by @the-vorkosigan:
Tony is captured; he doesn’t know by whom, or why. He doesn’t know how
much time has passed since. What he knows is, he can now hear something
in the adjacent cell, and that ‘something’ sounds a lot like Steve

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