Do you know any fics where they try out rimming/face-sitting? 🙂

Sadly, there are not really any Stony fics tagged face-sitting, and I feel this loss keenly.  Authors, you know what you need to do!

However, I do have some good rimming fics for you, so here you go!


Only Mine by sierra451:

Steve has a problem with the way Director Fury’s replacement flirts with Tony and makes his feelings loud and clear.

Finders Keepers by Marvelous Menagerie:

Tony finds Steve’s shield in the woods while on his way to their lunch date. CapWolf has taken a quick run around the forest, and he isn’t prepared for the way his Little Red Riding Hood is dressed.

CDIII by SevlinRipley:

Prompt: Whether it’s a h/c situation or a “let’s play doctor” kinky situation, I’d love to see Tony in the “doctor” role and Steve as his “patient”.

Double Team by rougewinter:

Two Steves, One Tony. PWP. Exactly what it says on the tin.

Good Game by @51st:

Steve had an ass like…it could make Tony write sonnets if he did that sort of thing, he was sure. Really bad ones, with phrases like “unyielding spheres of rapture,” so it was a good thing he’s no poet.

nice & slow by invincibleironwoman:

Steve is determined to prove that everyone has a “thing”.

i’ll be your gift by invinicbilewoman:

Tony gives Steve a very memorable birthday gift.

Whatever You Ask by @blossomsinthemist:

Sometimes Steve just wants to let go. Tony’s perfectly willing to help with that. The two of them try something Steve’s been wanting for a while. Basically PWP with added feelings, established relationship.

Let Me Down So Low by schmevil:


Brave New World by mistresslestrange: If someone would have told Steve 70 years ago that one day he would kneel between another man’s legs with his tongue shoved up the other guy’s butt hole – well, he probably would have grabbed his crucifix, yelled something Very Heterosexual in his Captain America Takes No Shit Voice and then he would have went straight back to his tent and wanked furiously.
or: Steve worships the hell out of Tony’s body. On Tony’s desk. In his lab. While still wearing his grandpa pants. It’s all very romantic.

Kiss Kiss by ashinan:

Tony has been waiting a long time to get his hands on Steve.

Playboy by @robintcj: After The Avengers but before the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve is living in D.C. and working for SHIELD. Tony is still living in Malibu, but they’re making the long-distance thing work. Tony shows up to surprise Steve on his days off, wearing a trench coat, high heels and a pair of black rabbit ears.Steve is confused, sure, but he’s also totally on board.

Beach is Better by sadtomato:

Steve and Tony rent a fantastic vacation house on a beautiful beach, but they never make it out of the bedroom.

The Best Ways to Shut Up Tony Stark by circ_bamboo:

Tony, Steve, a college AU, and a mud pit. And then cleanup. Dirty, dirty cleanup.

Look at Where We Are by rufflefeather:

There is a paint fight. And then there is porn. That is all. (This is a continuation of Silence Suppression but can be read on its own.)