Heavy Angst

Heavy Angst

What are the most angsts fics you’ve ever read? Like the ones that basically tear out your heart from your chest, slam it on the ground, and proceed to stomp on it.

That is basically the perfect description for heavy angst, isn’t it?  Here are a few classics for when you just want to wallow in misery.  Er…enjoy?


Relativistic Heat Conduction by @blossomsinthemist:
Age of Ultron-based, but not entirely canon compliant.  Written for the
2013 Cap-Iron Man Reverse Big Bang.  Ultron has attacked, obliterating
most of the world’s superheroes and resistance in a matter of hours.
The remaining heroes band together and share what strength they have to
get through it, to survive, and defeat Ultron once and for all.  Steve
Rogers grieves in the wake of the disaster and the heroes’ defeat, and
no one knows if he will be able to provide the leadership they need–but
Tony Stark isn’t about to let him slip away that easily.

Kiss Me Hard Before You Go by @brandnewfashion and @trickyarchangel: “Look, Tony. I don’t… I’m not mad at you,” Steve said,
suddenly sounding exhausted.  He dragged a hand through his hair,
shoulders tense. “I was, but I understand where you were coming from. I
do.  I don’t blame you for this mess.  You just… overreached.”“Is
that why you left?” Tony found himself asking. “Because I overestimated
my abilities?” He tried to laugh, but the sound was shaky to his own
ears. “I mean, we both know you’re way out of my league after all.  It’s
a wonder we stayed together for as long as we did, really.”

Worthless by @everybodyilovedies:
Tony visits Steve one more time, in between his jail cell on the
helicarrier and his assassination on the court house steps. Missing
scene set between the two scenes in “The Confession”.

Never Too Late for Love by @sineala: Steve has always believed that a soulbond is a blessing
– a rare and beautiful miracle, joining the thoughts and feelings of
two people forever, from the first time they touch. Steve knows he’s not
going to be one of the lucky ones. He knows Gail isn’t his soulmate.
But he loves her, even if they’re not soulmates, and he’s going to do
right by her. After the war’s over, he’s going to marry her, and they’re
going to settle down. They’ll buy a house. They’ll have children. He’ll
see his family again. Maybe Bucky will live next door. It’s going to be
a good life. He doesn’t need a soulbond. He’ll be fine without one.Then Steve wakes up sixty years in the future to find that his
wonderful life has moved on without him. His family is long dead. His
fiancée married his best friend. And the only purpose he has left is
leading the Ultimates, a misbegotten team of superheroes with flaws too
numerous to count. Steve hates everything about the future – but most
of all he detests Tony, flashy and flirtatious, who embodies everything
Steve hates about a world he never wanted to live in.And, oh, yeah, Steve has a soulmate after all: Tony fucking Stark.

Heart Covered in Smoke by @sineala:
And now Tony’s standing here, at the end of the world, and Steve’s
coming to kill him. Honestly, he can’t think of a better way to go.

C is for Cat by GlutenFreeWaffles:
The thing about permanent brain damage is that it typically doesn’t have regards for the complexities of marriage.

Thumb, Index and Pinky Extended by Eudoxia:
Tony Stark is twenty-one when he loses his voice. It shouldn’t matter,
but in a world where the first words your Soulmate says to you are
marked on your skin, it can be pretty damn annoying.

better to have loved and lost by @laireshi:
The mindwipe stole much more from them than friendship.

Mended Shield, Broken Heart by @laireshi: “I’m coming,” Steve said, quiet and serious.“I know,” Tony replied.They’d save the world or they’d die side by side, but not together, not ever again.

Delete by ashinan:
Tony doesn’t know when it starts, doesn’t know how it really comes to a
head, but for the last few months they’ve been fighting, a constant
stream of nonsense fighting that tears at Tony’s resolve.

voglio sentirti by lackluster_lexicon:
Steve returns to Stark Tower ten months after leaving Tony in Siberia.

What Rough Beast by immoral_crow:
Steve Rogers, super soldier. It’s amazing really that it takes them all
so long to work out just what the serum can do… but given enough time
all things become apparent. This is a story about love, and loss; the
things we would do to be true to ourselves and true to our hearts; and
the prices you must pay to do that.

Sins of Omission by @kiyaar (WiP): A Post-Civil War, Pre-Secret Invasion AU where Steve is dead, Tony’s a mess, and everything sucks. In which Tony deals poorly with Steve’s death, falls off the wagon, sees ghosts, and misses a lot. Oh, and the Skrulls are about to invade.

Rusted Wheel (or How the Civil War Might Have Ended) by @kiyaar:
Tony was on the steps of the Courthouse and took the bullets for Steve.

Take My Body Home by @kiyaar: After the events of Superior Iron Man, Tony sells Extremis to the
highest bidder and finds himself living as an expatriate in Russia.Steve’s never been good at letting go.

I think the most angst I’ve managed is probably Lesser Demons? Seemed angsty to write, but maybe just b/c it is so recent.  I don’t know.

Lesser Demons by sabrecmc:
Peggy leaves Steve something in her will.