Relaxing Fics

Relaxing Fics

Hi Mom 🙂 How are you? Im a student and Im dealing with lots of stress due to overwork now. I have 3 exams tomorrow and Im feeling horrible. The noise of the fan is making me anxious. I just cant sleep. My lil sis is sick and she wants to keep the fan on. I love her, so. Do you ever experience such weird and annoying anxiety? How do you deal with it? And Mom, can I request you some anti-anxiety fic that you think it would sing you to sleep? Love, anon. (Sorry for my English)

Sorry you are having such stress (and sorry I am just going through asks after the holidays, but hope everything went well and your little sis is better).  First, try the fluff and more fluff recs, but here are a few others that might help when you need to distract yourself, relax and get some sleep.  The ratings vary quite a bit, so be mindful. Enjoy!


Jazz & Candles in the 21st Century by Humbuggy:
Truthfully, it was the sound of jazz that pulled him in. Steve is in the
most tranquil state he’s ever been in, and he wonders why it took him
so long to discover this. Unfortuntly, tranquility doesn’t last long
when you leave the door unlocked. In a choice between blackmail,
potential ribbing and certain embarrasment – well, there’s not much of a
choice at all.

Home is Where the Heart Is by @inukagome15:
Steve’s been gone on a mission for two months, and all he wants is a
warm bath or shower and to cuddle with Tony. Especially the cuddling.

That Huge Damn Jacuzzi by @stark-spangled-lovers: It stood in the very center of the room, large enough
to host at least three people, raised a good three feet off the ground
with stairs leading up and into the tub on each of the sides. Behind the
Jacuzzi was another wall that separated the room; it spanned a good ten
feet in length, also hosting mirrors.It was… well, to be honest, the damn Jacuzzi was giving Steve a bit of a headache.

Baking Powder by dara3008:
Steve witnesses a strange sight in the middle of the night… Tony Stark baking. Maybe it’s time to get to know the man better.

Don’t Need your Superpowers (just your hands) by tictactoews:
Tony is hurt and stubborn, but Steve ain’t having it.

Where You End by ashinan:
The silence is comforting and Tony stumbles over to the stairs, thinking
nothing short of a warm bed and a warm Steve and maybe some warm

I’ll Give You Rest by @musicalluna:
Steve wants to repay Tony for taking care of his wings. It takes a little creativity.

A Field of Flowers (okay, a plot) by AngeNoir @outercorner: Steve Rogers needs something to do that relieves
stress, something that wasn’t deciding to pick fights at bars with
assholes who made a wealth of remarks to get offended at. His running
buddy, Sam, shows him the community garden. The community.And then Steve meets the mysterious Tony-the-head-gardener, and he starts falling.

Human Hands are Better by BGB: Tony hurts his back, so he invents a massaging machine. Steve is better.

Stress Reliever by TC (thecollective): The first touch of the man’s hands on Tony’s bare flesh
is like the day he brought Dum-E to life: it’s a leap forward, and it’s
something he can never step back from. Pepper was so, so right; he
needed this.The masseur looking like a golden Adonis was just a bonus, really.(Plot? What’s that?)

For Sentimental Reasons by @blossomsinthemist:
Ultimates Steve and Tony have hard lives–and they end up relaxing
together.  It turns into a habit.  Non-sexual submission with service
top Steve and sub Tony.

Bring Some Peace by @blossomsinthemist:
Tony is tired, Steve is affectionate, and they spend some time together.  Pretty much pure relaxing fluff.

Possess by romanoff: Tony and Steve take a night for themselves to just relax. It goes exactly as planned, and then some. (If anyone asks, Steve is absolutely not a sucker for blissed out Tony. Absolutely not.)

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