Whenever you have the time ( and the will haha) maybe recs for
the team/friends trying to to play matchmaker steve and tony? (Be it
with each other or others that end up usually in a mess haha). I
remember reading one with spidey and tigra that try to make Steve
jealous and end up sending Tony in a date with Doom. And one with Jan
that was funny too. 😀

Matchmaking fics!  I love those!  Here are some suggestions for you…


Not Enough Scotch for this Matchmaking Scheme by desolateice:
After Civil War and a lot of healing the Avengers are fed up with the
stubborn silence between Steve and Tony and try to take things in their
own hands.

I Get By (With a Little Help From My Friends) by captainshellhead, vibraniumstark:
Steve has a crush on Tony, and he’s not entirely sure what to do about it. The team helps, because they’ve had enough.

Operation Matchmaker by @captainneverever:
The supervillains of New York decide to set up Tony and Steve on a date
in hopes that they’ll start dating. The Avengers would like them to
figure it out. But Tony and Steve think all the weird crime is just
another day’s work. What will it take for them to finally see the light?

“death by coffee” and other search queries by @goodmorningbeloved:
In which Steve’s feelings are hopelessly obvious through his Google searches. JARVIS decides to step in.

Wingman by Crematosis:
Natasha has been trying to set Steve up on a date for six months now. It
only takes Clint two weeks. He might be slightly smug about it.

Over My Dead Body by Crematosis:
When Tony refuses to talk to Steve, Loki forces him to communicate through a game of charades.

Too Hot by Red City:
Or, the one where Natasha makes it happen.

With a Little Help From My Friends by lweilaura:
Sometimes the Avengers couldn’t stand all the unresolved sexual tension anymore, but they all give their very best to help
or the four times the Avengers tried to play matchmaker and rhe one time if was absolutely unnecessary

Photo Quest by @adarksweetness​:
Steve loses a wallet, where he keeps a secret picture of Tony. His team
of heroes is of no help, but hey, Thor’s roommate Daryl has some
strangely insightful advice about ham.

Enough with the UST Already
by Tahruil: The whole team knows that Steve loves Tony as much as Tony
Steve… but both of them seem completely oblivious. It’s been years,
and Clint Barton has had just about enough of the long looks and the
wistful smiles and the pining and the feeling each other up after
battles because they have an excuse. It’s time the crazy dance ended,
and he’d make it happen himself if that’s what it took.He just wished he
had some popcorn

An Unintended Matchmaking by @everybodyilovedies: Authorized sequel to An Unintended Morning by the amazing author vassalady
(Steve bangs one of Tony’s armors, Jan sees him going at it, assumes he
and Tony are hooking up).Wherein Jan confronts Tony about what she thought she saw in his lab yesterday, and inadvertently winds up playing matchmaker.

Fairy Godmother by @everybodyilovedies:
Auntie Peggy has been telling Tony stories about Captain America his
whole life. Only problem is, the real thing just about measures up to
the stories. Which means, of course, that Aunt Peg has to go to work,
because an Aunt’s work is never done.

Love in a Time of Amnesia by @everybodyilovedies:
Carol might have lost all her memories of her friends, but there’s at
least one thing she can know with absolute certainty: Steve and Tony are
a couple. And if the rest of the Avengers insist on saying they’re not,
well: Carol will just have to put her amnesia to use, for the greater

There’s Really Nothing Better by idra:
The team decides to have an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest, but it’s basically just an excuse to get Steve and Tony together.

Clint Barton is Not a Traditional Matchmaker (but his methods are foolproof) by @potrix-the-queerschlaeger:
“What the fuck just happened?” Tony manages eventually.“That’s a bad
word,” Girl Barton, Lila, says, arching an eyebrow.Boy Barton, Cooper,
shrugs. “We won’t tell if you won’t.”“What did he mean no big
explosions?” Steve croaks helplessly.The baby burps, entirely

Teenaged Matchmaker by @tonystarkssnipples:
Fourteen year old Peter Parker gets hired as an intern at Stark
Industries. There, he befriends Steve Rogers his childhood hero. When it
comes to light that Steve has a bit of a crush on Tony, Peter takes it
upon himself to play matchmaker.

In which Loki is having none of this bullshit (Or, the one where Loki plays matchmaker) by orphan_account:
Basically? Loki notices Steve noticing Tony, and decides to do something
about it, discovers Tony is oblivious to a fault, and takes Drastic
Measures. Steve is not amused.

Bucky is a motherf*cking matchmaker by Heartithateyou: Bucky knows there’s something going on with Steve, the
way he looks at Tony differently, the way he acts around him, that
stupid smile he always has when he’s talking to him.Oh shit, he likes him.

Janet Van Dyne’s Guide to Wooing a Superhero on Behalf of Another Superhero by @everybodyilovedies: …In Eight Simple Steps!When Arno Stark
realizes that the fate of the world depends on Steve and Tony being in a
romantic relationship, he goes to Reed Richards for help.
Unfortunately, Reed doesn’t exactly have a head for matchmaking. Enter
Sue, who brings in Jan to help her. Together, the two embark on a
single-minded quest: convince Steve and Tony to get their mack on. When
this proves harder than they could have ever imagined, Jan starts
bringing in some additional conspirators to help.

Community Service by valtyr:
Matchmaking is harder than it looks.

Match Game by Settiai:
Matchmaking: Avengers style.

The Millionaire Matchmaker by Tacuma:
Billionaire Tony Stark finally decided to join the television show ‘The
Millionaire Matchmaker’. Hostess Patti Stanger finds him the most
wonderful girls and he takes one of them on a lovely date, but it just
doesn’t work out. Mostly because Tony is more interested in camera
operator Steve Rogers.

Artificially Intelligent Cupid, Or That Time Tony Wrote a Matchmaking
Algorithm to Get Steve Laid, Because That’s How He Rolls
by uraneia:
Steve has the worst luck when it comes to dating, so Tony writes a
matchmaking program to help him find the right girl. Then the program
overrides his parameters and hands him a clue.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker (Or A.I.M. Tries Matchmaking) by @inukagome15:
Fed up with the rampant destruction Iron Man wreaks on A.I.M. and the
outrageous flirting between Iron Man and Captain America, M.O.D.O.C.
decides that the only way to deal with them is to set them up in a
romantic relationship. The plan is flawless, after all.