Language Barriers

Language Barriers

Hey any fics where there is a language barrier? Or failing that, Italian Tony? Grazie 🙂

Of course!  I love those fics where they speak a different language.


cherry wine by starkravingcap: Steve likes lazy mornings and waking up to the man he loves. Tony likes to use his charms and wiles for good, mostly.Or; the one where Tony seduces Steve using the language of love.

Parlez-vous Francais? by Kitty_Kinneas:  Steve believes Tony doesn’t understand French. This leads to a lot of honesty Steve is completely unaware of.

Night Brings Advice by PencilMonkey:  Wait, since when can Steve speak french?!

Not Everyone Has the Same Way of Studying by PriyaxRishabh:  Steve is worried about his Italian Exam, and Tony volunteers to help him study. PWP really.

The Language of Love by XinRui:  Precious has a thing for French, so here is Tony with a language kink.

Thumb, Index and Pinky Extended by Eudoxia:  Tony Stark is twenty-one when he loses his voice. It shouldn’t matter, but in a world where the first words your Soulmate says to you are marked on your skin, it can be pretty damn annoying.

All These Things I’ve Said by @everybodyilovedies​: When Tony starts talking in a language Steve can’t understand–the language of science–Steve figures he’ll retaliate with a little foreign language knowledge of his own. Only once he starts speaking French around Tony, Steve finds that sometimes it’s easier to say what he really wants to say to Tony in a language he can’t understand.Good thing Tony doesn’t know French.

Multi-Culturalism by AJ_Lenoire:  An experiment to make a universal translator goes – as many of Tony’s experiments do – horribly wrong. A few surprises are in store for the Avengers when the effects of this malfunction truly come to light, and they may have just met their matches in each other.