Tony Models for Steve the Artist

Tony Models for Steve the Artist

Do you know of any fics where Steve draws Tony and asks him to model for him? I’m hoping to find a particular fic again, but would really love any of those! Thank you

I do!  I love Artist!Steve, and a lot of fics mention him drawing Tony, but here are some that focus a bit more on it.  Some aren’t exactly your ask, but I think they fit with the general theme.  Enjoy!


Calamity Steve by manorabrucelee:

In this fic Steve is an Art Student and Tony is a new nude modle. Normally Steve is more put together but after he sees him he turns into a walking talking accident zone.

you’ll live forever by sunflowerwithfeelings:

One more piece. Steve needed one more piece for his portfolio and one more piece to finish out his Studio Art class: his final project.

work of art by ohmyloki:

Steve takes an art class. Tony finds out. What else would you expect Tony to do?

The Art of Falling In Love by Orange_Coyote:

Steve observes a ballet class as part of an art assignment. Simple: find a muse, and draw them in motion.
When he sees Tony walk into the dance studio for the first time, his life becomes anything but simple.

You Give Perfection a New Meaning by thelegendarymistermiguel:

Steve’s always wanted to draw Tony, but feared Tony’s reaction. Much to his delight, Tony’s reaction is just the thing Steve wanted.

Drawn (on a Rough Canvas) by Lessandra; The thought of Captain America as an artist strikes him as the pinnacle of hilarious. The drawing session that follows that little discovery, however, bears some unexpected fruit.(Or the one, in which there is a constant battle of egos, and Tony might have a plan about Steve, and Steve is perfectly aware of that but goes along with it anyway. Also, Steve draws which is all kinds of hilarious until it’s really really not.)

Pages of You by zams: Tony’s thoughts on Steve’s sketchbook, a sketchbook that Steve won’t let him see.Tony will catch Steve scribbling in it multiple times throughout the day, so intense and fixated as he drags the pencil almost feverishly across the pages that Tony can’t help but stare, transfixed by the sight of all that concentration and focus.

Marker Date by stitchy:

Tony lets Steve break out the markers and draw on him, resulting in a cute date.

Hooker Tony by sabrecmc: Steve hires a hooker to be his nude model and gets more than he bargained for.

Stark Naked by LoveCrumb:

After being honourably discharged from the army, Steve decides to leave his old life behind and pursue what was once a distant dream: art school. Things become complicated for Steve as soon as he lays his eyes on Tony, who just happens to be the nude model in drawing 101.

Files/TStark/Complete/portrait.jpg by Lady_Ganesh: Steve starts drawing again.From a prompt on the kink meme: Five times Steve draws Tony while he’s unaware, and one time he’s watching intently.

To the Stars by malfoys_cousin:

In which Steve agrees to draw Tony like one of his French girls, but will not have sex in a car.

all on his mouth like liquor by theappleppielifestyle: Tony is a stripper on weekends. Steve paints him like one of his French girls. Things happen.(It’s sex. Sex happens.)

Steve Rogers Is a Slut For Art (and Tony Stark) by @itsallavengers: So what, Steve wants to draw Stark. He gets that all the time. And usually, once he’s completed his sketch, he moves on. But for some reason, he just can’t seem to get Stark right. And everyone knows Steve is a perfectionist- he won’t sit still until he can draw that man’s face with his eyes closed.And in order to do that, he’s gotta go see him again, right?Except it kind of escalates from there.

Patron of the Arts by @sineala:

Steve and Tony try something new in bed. Well, okay, on Tony’s desk. Definitely something new, though. It’s time for some roleplaying!

Convention Exclusive by @sineala: “I’m interested in commissioning a sketch,“ Iron Man said. He leaned forward, edging into Steve’s personal space, splaying his gauntleted hands on the table. “I’d like you to draw me wearing only a tiny thong, with Captain America staring at my nearly-naked body in horror.”(Or: Steve Rogers, former artist for the Captain America comics, is signing autographs at a comics convention when he meets his biggest fan. Not an AU.)

A Different Perspective by Aviss:

It frustrates Steve to no end that there is something he can’t do well. The art is something that’s all Steve Rogers, not a trace of Captain America in it. And yet, there is something he can’t draw. Or, more precisely, someone.

In the Eye of the Beholder by magicsen:

Tony asks to see one of Steve’s paintings. Steve quickly discovers he has a new favorite subject.

I’m Sketchy and You Sketch by snarkstark: The teacher wasn’t present yet, but Steve hardly took a register since his eyes were stuck on one thing and one thing only.Tony Stark.Leaning over his desk.Looking through his fucking sketchbook.

Based on the Prompt:“I’m an art student and you just found my sketchbook and you’re going through it. Shit man can you give that back, I don’t care how good you think they are just don’t turn that page… ”

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