Angry, Possessive Sex

Angry, Possessive Sex

Where’s our angry, possessive sex recs mom?

Interesting…Angry, Possessive Sex…Let’s see…


How to Be a Truly Terrible Wingman by @wordsplat:

Prompt: “We were both playing wingman for our friends who have now decided to go home together, and after five minutes of conversation we fucking hate each other. Let’s bang it out.”

Mine by lilsmartass:

Tony has a very interesting tatoo. Written for the kinkmeme

But With a Whimper by theappleppielifestyle:   Steve fucks Tony against a wall.

Don’t Be Disrespectful by tarialdarion:

“You will never lay a hand on him again or I will bash your head in with a bat and present your broken corpse as a prize to my husband.”

Missing and Ravished by SailorChibi:

Officer Tony Stark really did not mean to fall in love with a serial killer.

Secret Dreams by navaan:

When Steve has Tony like this – bound and helpless – it’s as close to perfection as it can be. But there’s one thing he would like to do to him, that he can’t yet allow himself just yet.

broken dreams by @laireshi:  He expects another punch. Shouting. Anything.He doesn’t expect Steve to kiss him, roughly, as if trying to steal the breath from him.

Suitable For Your Eyes Only by LadyDeBrief:  Sometimes Tony has to rescue Steve, who can’t help but attract trouble. It’s understandable when he makes his Army uniform look that damn good, but not acceptable. Everyone else gets to look, but only Tony gets to touch.Oh, how he loves to touch.

Rough and Tumble by @cptxrogers:  Steve and Tony find a way to let off some steam while sparring.It’s exactly what you’re expecting.

Don’t Tempt Me by AdamantSteve:

Tony flirts shamelessly to make Steve jealous. He gets super possessive and drags Tony off to teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget.

Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law by torianmist:

Steve doesn’t share his toys well

Boiling Point by swimsalot:

Steve has had enough of Tony’s attitude and the tension between them reaches the boiling point. This is a trade I did with a friend of mine.

Authority by indigostohelit: From the kink meme: So apparently Joss Whedon is going with the meet cute, where they first need to squabble and bicker before getting married heroing happily ever after.It would be awesome if this phase of their relationship led to mutually consenting, up against the wall, struggle for dominance, who’s-on-top angry sex.

Burn It Down by mochisquish:

“You know who’s your friend? I am. I’m the best friend you’ve got. I’m not the one lying to you.”

Worthless by @everybodyilovedies:

Tony visits Steve one more time, in between his jail cell on the helicarrier and his assassination on the court house steps. Missing scene set between the two scenes in “The Confession”.

Here, Beside You by @pensversusswords:

Neither of them have ever claimed to be good at emotions. It leads to a few misunderstandings.

the spaces in between by @laireshi:  “Don’t touch me,” Steve said.“No?” Tony asked. “Because I think it’s just what you need.”

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