Christmas Fics

Christmas Fics

hi! since its going to be christmas, do you know of any christmas related fics? 🙂

I’ve gotten several requests for these, but wanted to wait until we were closer to the holiday.  You have fluff, pining, angst, smut and everything in between.  So, here you go!


Like Steve says (probably), below the cut for length:

Five Times the Avengers Tried to Make Tony Like Christmas (And the One Time They Didn’t) by sara_holmes: In which Tony avoids Christmas because of reasons and Clint is not okay with this.Featuring bickering, unresolved childhood issues, cookies, eggnog lattes, unicorn tree-toppers, man-eating snowmen and Steve being the only sane person in the tower.

Architecture by @sineala:

Tony decorates Avengers Tower for the new team’s first Christmas, and Steve’s standing in a very fortuitous place.

All I Want For Christmas by @wordsplat:

There’s only one thing Tony wants for Christmas, and he’s got a plan to get it. Though he unfortunately seems doomed to failure from step one, unbeknownst to him, a better strategist than he has a plan of their own.

A Very Normal Christmas by manic_intent: “I give up,” Tony complained, from the vicinity of Steve’s lap. “I don’t know what you want for Christmas. So. How about you give me an itemised list of three to five things? Another motorcycle? Stronger hair gel? A nicer costume in black and orange?”Steve frowned down at him, his lips pressed thin, a clear sign that Tony had, yet again, Put His Foot In It. “That’s not how Christmas works.”“Well it should work that way,” Tony said defensively. “It’s more efficient. Saves everyone a lot of time. Remember when you freaked the fuck out after I tried to give you a house?”“Anyone would have ‘freaked out’.”“Google told me otherwise,” Tony said sadly. Google tended to lie so much recently.

A Very Merry Christmas by awesome_goddess_of_mischief: Tony prepares for the perfect Christmas with Steve. He just forgot to tell Steve that.Mistakes are made, people get hurt. And it all ends up pretty okay.Angst, fluff, and a Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Extravagance a la Tony Stark by AngeNoir: On December twenty-second, Steve walked into the gym and stared at the tinsel and lights woven around the ropes of the boxing ring, outlining the mirrors, and the nativity scene in the corner by the free weights.“Oh come on.”

A Very Avengers Christmas by the_somnambulist:

It’s Christmas in the Avengers Tower and someone’s found them all stockings. Bruce is the only one who can cook a turkey, Thor is determined to participate in Midgardian traditions and Steve is adorable in a Santa hat. There’s also Clint, who is very, very serious about his mistletoe.

Deck the Hall by Raikishi: “Steve. It’s November.”
“Yes Tony, very good. Now for the tricky part: what day is it?”
“… I’m starting to understand why you got your ass kicked so often.”

Inside the Absence by @laireshi:

Steve doesn’t really believe in Christmas miracles. No one unexpected is going to eat from the empty plate at the table. But sometimes tradition is the only thing he has to hold on to.

not the protocol by @laireshi:

It’s Christmas Eve, and Tony is alone, but he deserves nothing else. The last thing he expects to see is Steve at his doorstep.

Open Your Eyes by @missbeckywrites:

Steve and Tony’s friendship finally appears to be heading for more. Now if only Steve could find the right time to tell Tony the truth. In which many things are resolved, Steve is clueless, there are Christmas presents and mistletoe and kisses, and oh yeah, Tony makes it snow. (part of a series, but can be read alone)

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by @missbeckywrites:

Tony has never been fond of December and Christmas. So he’s not exactly pleased when he comes home one night from a long day at work to discover that there’s a Christmas party happening at Avengers Tower. But that’s not the biggest surprise Steve has for him – and suddenly Christmas doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Material Things by ashinan:

Tony doesn’t do Christmas. Too bad no one told the rest of the Avengers that.

Please Have Snow by 27dragons: Tony has spent Christmas alone before. It’s not a big deal. It’s not.—Combined response to two tumblr prompts:
– for your prompt thing <33 something with the team (like the original team from the first movie + any additions you want to have, but I’d love for the original six to be there) being a found family and just fluff (if you put some hints to stony into it I’d love it even more) but really I’m just here for fluffy family-feels because I could use some happy <333 (also ily and I hope you’re having a good day <3)
– tony/rhodey (otp or brotp) cuddling together after a long day playing in the snow?

There Is No Place Like Home For the Holidays by Lenalena: Steve is the first to come home to the tower after S.H.I.E.L.D. goes down. Then Natasha and Clint arrive. Tony doesn’t mind, really, he’s got the space. Except it’s December and they insist on doing Christmassy shit. Who the hell has time for that?!?Christmas 5 – Tony 0

Get Me Through December by marinarusalka:

Steve is in Washington. Tony is in New York. Somehow, they still manage to make a connection, which comes in handy when Steve gets depressed around Christmas

Christmas Party Shenanigans by sharkie335:

Director Fury requires the team to attend a holiday party. Steve and Tony get up to some things that are definitely not sanctioned.

Under the Mistletoe by @festiveferret:

It’s love at first sight and Tony has a plan: Mistletoe.

And We’ll Have Ourselves a Merry Little Christmas by @inukagome15:

It’s not that Tony doesn’t like Christmas. He just doesn’t celebrate it (or do it at all actually). Nothing is going to change that. Not even his team (or Steve).

In the Bleak Midwinter by @ms-meredith-milton: Steve hadn’t expected his first Christmas in the 21st Century to be so suffocatingly lonely, but he probably should have known, right?—-
This is pre-slash in the Surrender series, but can be read entirely separately.

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas by scribblywobblytimeylimey: “I thought it would be funny. Was it not funny?”“It was…a lot of things to a lot of people,” Steve said, pleased with the compromise.“Don’t give me that. That’s Natasha’s line about truth. You can’t apply that to Iron Man in lingerie.”Steve sees something he shouldn’t, and now his thoughts about Tony just won’t leave him alone.He’s so getting coal for Christmas.

Like Christmas, But With More You by scribblywobblytimeylimey: Christmas 2013. It’s been six months, but Tony is pining for Pepper worse than ever with the holidays to hand, and tries to throw a modest party to help show he’s changed. The party expands somewhat, and it turns out he hasn’t changed all that much – not really.In which Tony’s Christmas party gets out of hand instead of starting that way, Steve hacks the playlist with irritating ease, Pepper is conspicuously absent, Thor swings a child around on Mjolnir (good thing Pepper isn’t here, really), and Steve becomes Tony’s personal bodyguard against mistletoe.

Saved My Heart for You by @pensversusswords:

Tony had been trying to propose for months, but it turned out that post-battle on Christmas Eve was the best time to pop the question.

An Alpha for Christmas by @captainneverever:

Lonely Steve spends the days before Christmas pining for Tony.

All I Want For Christmas Is You by @captainneverever:

Tony is not going to miss his life-long friend Steve at all this Christmas, since Steve left for a job in Africa. But then Tony starts getting pictures of a traveling dinosaur and maybe things aren’t so cut and dried.

Sleepless in Manhattan by @captainneverever:

Tony has big plans for his Christmas alone in the Tower, but a bout of insomnia changes things.

Gift Exchange by @captainneverever:

Steve gets Tony to agree to exchange homemade gifts for Christmas.

Falling Into Truths by @winterstar95:

It’s Christmas and Tony’s seen too many battles, too many of his loved ones hurt. When he’s about to give up, Steve invites him to go skating after a romantic carriage ride. Everything should be perfect, but things are not always as they seem…..

The Curse of the Big Bunny by @winterstar95:

Yeah, Tony makes a mistake when he buys a Christmas present for Steve. Or does he?

Together by @naxa1818:

After wearing a semi-revealing blacksmith outfit in the cold weather Tony gets sick a few days before Christmas.

Because It’s Tradition by mixtapestar:

This is Steve’s first Christmas out on the town since he woke up, and Tony intends to make it a good one.

a thousand (true) words by ohmyloki: Tony Stark was a liar.Life didn’t return to normal “soon enough”. It had been three weeks. Three weeks and, if anything, it had only gotten worse. New headlines were popping up everywhere. Every single photo ever taken where he had so much as glanced in Tony’s direction were suddenly irrefutable proof of their love affair.

Deck the Halls With Daddy Issues by freneticfloetry: Tony Stark doesn’t do Christmas. But Steve loves Christmas, and he loves Steve, and he’s going to try.(Which still doesn’t mean he’ll be any good at it.)

Santa Baby by Professor_Fluffy: Happy Holidays: I wrote you some Steve/Tony porn.Steve is dressed as Santa + Bottom!Steve.

Christmas Eve Will Find Me by kahn: Steve walked into his apartment to find Tony sitting on his kitchen counter, cross-legged, facing the door and flicking his thumbs against the screen of his futuristic phone in a way that meant he was either playing a game or hacking the security of some undoubtedly highly dangerous and deeply hostile organization.“Hi, Honey!” Tony trilled without looking up. “Welcome back!”Steve comes home.

Christmas Holiday by @scifigrl47;

It’s a Christmas wedding, and a Christmas honeymoon. Even if it’s a little more complicated than that.

New Traditions by nightwalker:

Tony’s starting to think that tackling the whole teamwork thing, the sobriety thing and the holidays thing all at once might have been overly ambitious. AKA: Steve and Tony throw the first Annual Avengers Non-Denominational Winter Holiday Party.

Unwrapped by nightwalker:

Tony and Steve each have a surprise for the other. Turns out they were thinking along similar lines.

The Reconciliation by nightwalker:

It was less than fifteen minutes to midnight on Christmas Eve, but Steve would be damned if he spent Christmas Day angry at the man he loved.

Like What You See (Under the Mistletoe) by @thecitylightshow: “Can I open my eyes yet?”“Not yet!” Steve insisted, and glanced over his shoulder to make sure Tony – should just inside the doorway of their tiny little apartment – hadn’t peeked. Tony still had the ball of bubble wrap Steve had frantically thrown at him clutched over his eyes and a fond, if confused, smile on his face.Steve relaxed a little, and finished grabbing up the wrapping paper scraps from the floor and screwed them up to throw in the bin.He’d spent all day tidying up and using his Ma’s old decorations to bring Christmas to his and Tony’s little apartment, and there was tinsel hung in every place it would stay, but it was Christmas – Steve’s first without his Ma, and Tony’s… well, Tony’s first.It needed to be perfect.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas by samptra:

Steve had never really been a fan of Christmas, and his first Christmas in a new time hasn’t changed his feelings any. Tony Stark is hoping to change all that.

Tony Stark Sucks at Subtlety (Steve’s No Better At Picking Up Hints) by @tonystarkssnipples: Tony keeps dropping hints to Steve.Steve just doesn’t get it.Until he does.HOLIDAY THEMED SHMOOP AWAITS!

A Bit of Cheer by antigrav_vector:

890fifth, round seven: None of the others on the team are in town but Tony, and Steve is moping in his apartment. Well, until he gets a surprising offer.

Christmas Spirit by antigrav_vector: Christmas is never easy or low stress. Except when it is.Steve’s been looking forward to this for a while. So has Tony.

As We Dream by the Fire by @infinitegem:

It’s Christmas time, and they have their family’s blessing to spend it together.

Unnecessary by theappleppielifestyle:

“It’s a Christmas tree, Tony. People put them up in December.”

The Hopes and Fears of All the Years by unsentpromises:

Every Christmas they are all treated to the best holiday Tony Stark can manage to create for them. This year Steve makes it something of a mission to be sure Tony gets himself what he offers to them all.

The One Where Tony Has a List by RurouniHime:

See title.

You Know Me Now by evasaur:

So here’s Tony at a Christmas party surrounded by people he doesn’t actually hate and who apparently don’t hate him, and that is enough to make him need to get rip-roaring drunk.

Waiting Under the Mistletoe for You by Fluffypanda:

Refusing a kiss while under mistletoe is bad luck.

A Present After All by @stark-spangled-lovers: Christmas Eve. For the first time in years, Tony wouldn’t spend this day alone. And okay, there might be a little millennia-snowstorm involved, which had ruined everyone’s plans to spend Christmas at home with their families, but that were just details. Tony would take what life threw at him, and this, well… it was safe to say that life, in all of Tony’s short but extreme experience living it, had never been better.He only needed to survive the evening without making a complete fool of himself by doing something like grabbing Steve’s Ugly Christmas Sweater and just kiss the guy.

I’ll Give You Gifts Until You Know My Name by @everybodyilovedies: Mr. Stark is an extravagant gift-giver: he has the money for it, after all. As Iron Man, Tony has the opportunity to gift Steve even more presents that, while less expensive, are more heartfelt. Having a secret identity means Tony gets to have his cake and eat it too when it comes to showering Steve with presents.Until Steve starts developing feelings for his armored companion, and all the benefits of living a double life are turned on their head for Tony Stark.

Hats Off for Christmas by @everybodyilovedies:

Steve and Tony sneak away from the Avengers Christmas party to celebrate in their own way.

Jewish Christmas by @everybodyilovedies:

Steve invites Tony to spend something called “Jewish Christmas” with him on December 25th. Tony agrees partially out of curiosity, and partially because although he may not know all of what the evening will entail, he’s got a pretty good idea of how they’ll end it (sex. Sex is how they’ll end the evening). (featuring the more fun kind of snowballing, lol)

Secret Santa at Stark Tower by Heartithateyou:

The Avengers decide to do a secret santa, which allows for other secrets to come to light.

Tell Me, Atlas by @ellidfics:

It’s Steve’s first Christmas since waking in the 21st century. Lonely and out of place, he finds himself dreaming of what might have been, with an unexpected guide.

Off the Mark by @brandnewfashion: In which Tony makes assumptions, and Steve disproves every single one of them.Aka a “five times Steve surprised Tony, and one time Tony surprised Steve” story.

Have and Have Nots by kehinki:

Apparently, Tony finds his lack of holiday cheer damn near offensive.

Yes, Tony Stark, There is a Santa Claus by eleanor_lavish: Tony Stark doesn’t really give a shit about Christmas. I mean, sure, he’ll enjoy a glass of nog, and he’s always thought mistletoe was a great scam, but Christmas is about home and hearth and family and nostalgia and, let’s face it. The Starks had a lot of things, but not a lot for Tony to be nostalgic about.This year, however, nostalgia is the name of the game. This year, Tony’s throwing a motherfucking party.

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