Would you happen to know of any good fics where Tony is color blind? By the way your blog is awesome. I love how you take the time to help us find amazing fic☺️

I don’t, other than the soulmate trope of not seeing colors until you find your mate. If you’re interested in those, let me know.  I do know of a couple of colorblind Steve ones, since I think that is canon for pre-serum Steve?  Anyway, here are those:


A Different Skillset by @musicalluna:

“This is not exactly what I imagined when I said I could still be helpful in the field,” Steve breathes and grunts as he squeezes himself in behind the Iron Man suit.

White Bread World by moodyme:

Or, Steve walks into a bar and becomes besotted with Tony after he sings a cover of a Billy Joel song. (cute role reversal with rich, pre-serum Steve)

Greyscale by FestiveFerret

“Did you tell him you were holding out for your soulmate?” Sharon smiled in that mildly condescending way most people did when Steve admitted that he didn’t date because he was waiting for that one special someone.

It was old-fashioned, he knew, not to play around casually while you were still greyscale, but Steve wasn’t interested in casual. He wanted that swoop in his stomach, and he wanted the world to explode into colours, and he wanted that to be his first and only relationship.