Sex Worker Tony

Sex Worker Tony

I really enjoy sex worker fic. Do you know of any sex worker tony stories? I love sex worker steve, but I keep thinking how interesting tony would be in that roll.



The Billionaire Hooker’s Deceived Artist by


During Tony’s senior year at MIT, his partying habit finally hit the edge of his parents’ patience. When Howard and Maria cut him off from his usual sources of money, he decides to turn to less conventional ones.

The Second Coming by blacktofade:

AU: Tony is an escort hired by Bucky for Steve’s birthday.

Hooked by AnonEhouse:  In this story, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are contemporaries, and both have hard-knock lives in 1939-1941 New York. Hard to say whose is worse. Steve is sickly. Tony’s a whore. They become friends– the world is going crazy with war, adding to the tension of daily life.Tony is/was an underage prostitute, but as that’s not explicit*, I felt the warning tag was misleading, however if even that much is disturbing, I thought I’d best mention it here.CHAPTER 22 became EXPLICIT (consensual, not prostitution) Sex, but at the time Tony was 17 years old, 10 months, and some days, so it’s not all that MUCH underage. There was no explicit sex when he was younger.

And This One’s For You by capsicleironman:  Steve Rogers is a writer looking for work in the Bohemian underworld of 1899, Paris. Tony Stark always did know how to charm a crowd, and he’ll be moving on to bigger and better things the first chance he gets. Steve is a hopeless romantic; Tony has never believed in love.An Avengers/Moulin Rouge! crossover starring Steve Rogers as the lovestruck writer, and Tony Stark as the “performer” who captured his heart.

Sucking Dicks or Sucking Ass? by wisia:

Tony Stark is a prostitute. He likes it just fine. Yeah, he was a genius and could definitely do a lot better, but honestly he’d rather suck dicks instead of sucking up to the military. Unfortunately for him, a newly defrosted Captain America is hell bent on changing that

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ETA: Hooker!Tony by sabrecmc:  might as well rec myself, so here is grad student Tony turned hooker for artist Steve who tries to tell himself he just wants a nude model.

How We Met by @festiveferret:

Life was pretty simple for Tony – work on his graduate thesis, hang out with his robotics projects in his unusual apartment, and fuck people for money. At least, it was simple until he met Steve Rogers.

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