Mental Health Issues

Mental Health Issues

Sabmom! 😀 I’m digging the new blog! Question for recs: I’m autistic and have OCD. I’ve read two fics of Stony with OCD (Routine by wordsplat for Steve and Pick Yourself Undone by romanoff for Tony. PYU relates to my OCD well, because I do things by 5, too. The fic made me cry to see that haha) but do you know of others, or of Stony fics where one/both have autism? Or any other OCD fic suggestions? Or heck, any mental illness besides PTSD? Thank you so much in advance!! 🙂

Welcome!  Glad you like the new blog!  And yes, I do have a couple of suggestions for those, because one is a personal favorite of mine.  I’ll include the two you mentioned, which are amazing, and a couple of others you might enjoy. They are kind of all over the place?  Just some that sort of deal with one of them having some kind of challenge, and sometimes it is PTSD related, but it manifests as something else, if that makes sense.  I didn’t want to imply I was drawing an equivalence, but just trying to find some that might be out of the normal PTSD stuff.  Also check out the Eating Disorder and Drug Addiction recs, you might find some there that you would enjoy.  Here you go!


Don’t Say It by bibliomaniac: Tony Stark is autistic and nonverbal. Which is fine, obviously, except for it means that Steve and Bucky don’t have his words, and it only takes him a few minutes to decide they don’t need to know he has theirs.That’s also totally and definitely fine, until he goes and falls in love with them.

Routine by @wordsplat:

Since waking from the ice, Steve has developed an increasingly difficult case of OCD. Not wanting to be a burden, he doesn’t tell anyone of his troubles and always keeps his teammates at a safe distance, not getting too close to any of them. He’s struggling just to keep his head above water when Tony catches him in one of his compulsions, and refuses to be pushed away.

Pick Yourself Undone by romanoff: After New York, Tony looks for control. He starts to find it in some picky little places. It’s wrong and awful and stupid and so, so irrational, but once he starts –It’s hard to stop.

Just a Little Unwell by sidium:

Tony deals with a new routine of anxiety meds and missing Steve.

Depression by AgeofAlejandro: They’ll find out how how weak he really is someday and he can’t bear the thought. He doesn’t want to disappoint everyone who has, so foolishly, placed their faith in him.And he’s so very tired of pretending to be strong.

Wrap it Up (I”ll Take It) by @51st:

Smart billionaires were almost required to be eccentric. So Tony Stark didn’t like to be handed things and he didn’t swap intimate fluids. At least he wasn’t scrubbing the labels off of canned goods or wearing Kleenex boxes for slippers like Howard Hughes.

Alexia by everythingispoetry:

Tony was ten when he lost the ability to read after an accident involving a brain injury. He’s managed to hide that information from almost everyone for decades and he intends to keep it that way, but then the other Avengers move in and Tony realizes that inviting them was a very bad decision.

See Me Through by Kittyswritings: Prompt: An epileptic Tony Stark and a very supportive boyfriend Steve.Tony Stark was seven when he was first diagnosed with Epilepsy. This is the story of how he handled it, and went on to become Iron Man, an Avenger, and somehow got the guy of his dreams.

Stuck Alone by @tari-aldarion:

Anon: “Hello! I see you’re taking prompts and I loved the bed sharing one so how abt non-powered au where steve knows tony is extremely claustrophobic. he is heading back home, he’s like 5 minutes away when he gets a call form weird sounding tony: ‘steve i know we’re kinda not talking and you’re still mad at me, but im stuck alone in our elevator’. tony called him without thinking, because he has never been this afraid in his entire life.”

Mechanical Heart by gryvon:

Steve isn’t sure what he expects when he meets Tony Stark, but he wasn’t expecting a silent man with loud gestures and a captivating smile.

Penthouses and Homes by hulucthulhu: Tony Stark is a brilliant engineer who’s abduction and torture left him with severe PTSD and with severe agoraphobia (terrified to leave his tower). Steve Rogers, a soldier discharged after an accident, is hired as his “personal assistant,” or as JARVIS calls him Tony’s “companion.” Steve is trying to rebuild his life and learning to follow his dreams. Tony is trying to keep it together and learning to be okay again. Together they navigate the shadows of their minds and form a deep bond.I was going to continue this but I have been struggling on where to go for so long because where I left off just felt right. so here it’s complete. (this does deal with PTSD, but manifests itself as agoraphobia)

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