Married & Domestic

Married & Domestic

Okay, so this is kinda broad, but do you know of any MCU Avengers fics where Tony and Steve are married? Like the plot could be anything really, I just like the idea of the Avengers + Superhusbands. And they’re just like a weird domestic dysfunctional family living in the tower and sometimes they save the world. IDK.

Hmmm…well, you can try the Established Relationship recs, but here are some MCU-specific ones.  Honestly, most of these types of fics are superfamily, which I don’t really read, so I don’t have as many for this type of ask.  Perhaps followers can add some suggestions?  Some of these are established relationship and not truly married, but kind of go with the whole idea of your ask, I think?

I love how so many of these are Phil/Clint, lol.  Good times.


It Takes a Village (or a team of superheroes) by cvsossong:  Three months after the Chitauri attack, Tony received a phone call that changed his life. (Or, the one in which a group of remarkable people come together and balance battling villains and raising a child).

Living in Avengers’ Tower (series) by steve-capsicle-rogers:  So there the Avengers sat in the newly rebuilt Shawarma restaurant they had originally found after the fight and Tony could finally notice that there was an obvious gaping hole. No one mentioned the name or the fact that there had not yet been a funeral. There was a tense silence and an obvious lack of an important presence. The one common factor that had brought all of them together and had then later compelled them to band together to fight as a team. Agent Phil Coulson.

By Numbers by IceCapsicle:  It occurs to Tony one day that he’s never done anything in the right order and Steve is no exception to the rule.

Fast and Furious by onthewaters:  The world has changed and Steve has trouble dealing with it. Tony tries to help but there is that attraction thing…

In Which Tony Stark Builds Himself Some Friends (But His Family Was Assigned by Nick Fury) (series) by @scifigrl47: Steve takes things like personal responsibility and respect seriously. Tony’s got people he pays to take care of that kind of thing, and anyway, he’s pretty sure that he’s going to die of some exotic disease in his workshop, because Dummy’s still a little spotty about what is ‘clean’ enough to put on an open wound. The rest of the Avengers are in this for personal gain, except for Clint, he just enjoys being a dick.And some things shouldn’t be a chore. (I honestly don’t remember them getting married or not in this series, but it is very Team as Family)

There’s A History Between Us (and People Think It’s Mine) by IamShadow21: A moment is all it takes to open up the box and confirm his suspicion.“I think you’re right, Cap,” Tony says. “This isn’t my area.”

Nobody Panic, Everything’s Fine by @itsallavengers​: Steve doesn’t get jealous. He doesn’t. Honestly.It’s just…well- Tony’s been spending an awful lot of time with a new employee. Who’s smarter than him. And funnier. And more interesting and generally a better match for Tony than he ever would be.But he’s not jealous. Honestly.

Superdads (series) by @musicalluna​:   It’s scary when you’re young and your dad gets hurt.

An Alternative State of Mentality by @inukagome15​:  Tony Stark does not have time for this garbage. Someone outed his secret to the public. No, not the one where he’s dating Steve. Yes, the one where he’s a mutant. Yes, he’s mad. Yes, his life sucks. What else is new? Oh, hi, Extremis.