Animal Matchmakers

Animal Matchmakers

Your rec lists are absolutely fantastic! They helped me get into Stony when I joined the fandom. I was wondering if you had any fic recs where Steve and Tony meet/get together because of their pets?

Glad you are enjoying the recs!  Here are some where animals bring them together.  Enjoy!



Get Some Now by @sineala:
Avengers Mansion has a mysterious feline infestation. Meanwhile, Steve
just can’t figure out how to ask Tony out on a date. And the thirteen
teleporting cats sure aren’t helping matters any.

Strays by LenaLena:
Engineering student Tony Stark is on a mission to rescue five stray
kittens. He gets help from a stranger, who is more than a little lost

The Crazy Cat Lady AU by shrill_fangirl_screaming:
Tony Stark is the proud owner of thirteen cats. Steve Rogers lives next
door. One morning, they have a conversation on their front stoops.

Tony Stark Falls In Love with a Cat by shellhead:
When Steve goes missing, Tony ends up finding him at an animal shelter. Volunteering.

A Mewment Like This by DepressingGreenie:
Tony is jealous of Steve’s cat, thinking that Steve loves her more

One Big Step by nightwalker:
There’s only one kitten in the box. Tony’s always been a soft touch.

A Genius, His Cat, and Their Vet by BlueberryPixie and morphia:
Veterinarian AU: Steve and Bucky used to be soldiers. They became
veterinarians after a long treatment for PTSD at Rebecca Kaplan’s hands.
One day a billionaire walks in in a mad dash, cradling a cat in need.

Tony vs. Kitten by kellebelle:
Steve finds a kitten and brings it to the tower. Tony does not get jealous of this kitten at all. Nope. (One-shot)

Scratching Posts and Love by talesofsuspense:
There’s a million reasons he can’t and shouldn’t get a pet, but his
therapist apparently thinks they’re all just bad excuses and tells him
as much.

How Tony Stark Adopts a Cat by picturecat:
Tony Stark takes a lunch break, shares his food, and adopts a cat. In his defense, it’s a very good cat.

Only You by Crematosis:
Steve might be just a poor art student with a cat allergy, but that won’t stop Tony from loving him.

Cats, Cuddles and Coffee by LazyAmara:
Steve’s heart skipped a beat as the most beautiful man he had ever seen entered Cats, Cuddles & Coffee.

If you rescue me by sixchord:Tony Stark doesn’t complain when the Avengers move into his mansion, even though Steve thinks he has every right to be annoyed.Which is why Steve is so surprised when Tony loudly objects to the kittens.

Rescuing Kittens (A Maybe Not So Heroic Tale) by @kurowrites:
Tony rescues some cats after a successful mission and takes them home to care for them.

Cat’s Out of the Bag by captain_americano:
Steve has been blatantly avoiding Tony, and Tony thinks he knows why. Hindsight 20/20, he had no freaking clue.


Jink by @festiveferret:
When Steve agrees to dog sit for Colonel Rhodes, he doesn’t expect
Rhodes’ unusual, intriguing, and painfully attractive whirlwind of a
best friend to show up unannounced.

Puppy Love by TipsyDanger:  “How have you never had a pet?” he asked in disbelief. Tony Stark: The Man Who Has It All apparently hasn’t had it all.Tony
rolled his eyes and stirred his coffee quickly, spoon tapping against
the ceramic loudly. “I’ve had pets,” he drawled. “I’ve made pets.”

Puppy Love by Pearl_Unplanned:
Tony gets Steve a puppy but soon finds that he’s getting jealous of the dog.

happiness is a warm puppy by mscerisier:
Bailey and Buddy were good for him. Now if only Steve Rogers looked at
his way for a little while, he would be completely happy, he seemed to
say all the wrong things or be reduced to a blabbering mess every time
Tony was in front of Steve.

Where the Land is Low by mombasas:
Steve adopts a stray dog. Tony copes. Everything is fine.

No Dogs Allowed in Avengers Tower by Heartithateyou:Tony has a strict no pet rule in the tower, but Steve could never resist a lost dog.It turns out Tony might be more of a pushover than he wants to admit.

Animal Instincts by Meatball42:
When Steve’s dog may be set upon by a dog-napper, Steve rushes to the
rescue… only to find that he is the one in need of a little bit of

A Walk in the Park by dippkip:
Steve has become completely besotted with the handsome stranger he’s
been seeing in the park. Maybe he should actually try asking the guy out
one of these days instead of admiring him and his horse of a dog.

Other Animals

If You Want to Keep Things Friendly by Sadisticsparkle:
When the Avengers get a tip about an abandoned warehouse in Jersey where
screams and ‘inhuman cackling’ are heard at night, Tony and Steve go
investigate without knowing that what they find there will make them
finally stop dancing around their feelings and deal with it.

Like a Comet Streaming On by @sineala:
Tony escapes Afghanistan with a functioning Iron Man suit and a
perfectly normal heart. He even manages to bring Ho Yinsen home safely
at his side. But he may as well have lost everything… because his
wolfbrother is dead. Six months later, the Avengers find Captain
America, frozen in ice, miraculously alive. Everything and everyone
Steve has ever known is gone – except his wolfsister, the recipient of
the lupine version of the super-soldier serum, who was frozen in his
arms. Tony has everything but his wolf. Steve has only his wolf. This is
how their lives fit together.