Sabre’s Recent Reads (Oct. 2018)

Sabre’s Recent Reads (Oct. 2018)

any fics that you read recently that you just loved and wanna rec?

There are so many good ones, Anon!  But, here are some I have read lately or am currently reading.  All of these authors are great, so check out their other works, too.  Also, if you have a fic or two you’ve read lately that you love, feel free to add it in the replies. Hope you enjoy!


when I run out of road, you bring me home by quidhitch: “Oh, I won’t bother you.” The tone of Steve’s voice
implies that he definitely will be bothering Tony, aggressively and
frequently. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll keep to my farm, you keep to
yours. Solitude together.”Tony opens his mouth to argue that
that’s not how this works, but he snaps it shut at the realization that
Steven Grant Rogers is fucking with him. That twinkle in his eye has
accelerated into a full-on glimmer, and the ends of his lips are
twitching. Jesus, he hates this man. Or maybe he wishes he did. Tony
can’t really tell the difference anymore.

Indulgence by @festiveferret, @one-and-five-nines (WiP): All it took was one word from Tony, and Steve fell to his knees, every time.He wished he didn’t need this so badly.

Untapped Opportunities by Serinah (WiP): Tony puts out an ad. Steve answers it.*“Hi, Cap,” he
said, and his lips did the involuntary stretching towards his ears,
because they didn’t seem to be informed of the new ‘we do not act like a
besotted school boy around Steve’ policy. In fact, none of the organs
below his brain seemed to be on board with it. His heart was thudding,
his palms were sweating and it was all Tony could do to stop his feet
from moving past the fridge and straight into Steve’s personal space.   I wonder what he would think if he knew what kind of messages I’m exchanging with random people over the Internet.He’d probably be horrified.*“JARVIS?” he said into the empty kitchen.“Yes, Captain Rogers?”Potential responses began to mass in his mind. JARVIS,
I’m an idiot. JARVIS, this crush is getting out of hand. JARVIS, can
you imagine any way, any possible way, Tony might be interested in me?
JARVIS, some days I’m not sure if he even likes me. JARVIS, I think
about him all the time. JARVIS, I’m ninety years old and I’m asking a
computer program for advice on my love life. JARVIS, what should I do?

Gravitational Well by somethingclever (WiP): Arrogance ignored biology.In stripping Bucky
Barnes from the Asset’s shell, they also removed a few key components of
control.  Any anthropologist could tell you about Bonding. That it
wasn’t just for Alphas and Omegas, that it wasn’t only bi-directional.
Triads could- and did- form.  A beta would match to an A/O pair and
benefit from the Alpha’s protection and the Omega’s nurturing, and, in
turn, provide protection during heats and ruts, and stability a
bi-directional pair simply couldn’t imitate. After all, a Beta could be
Alpha-mean or Omega-cunning at will.  Then, of course, the Catholic
Church made new rules and conquered the world, and popular culture did
away with the triad in most of the Western World, but deep down…Humans fit together. (part of the Celestial Navigation ‘verse)

Any Road by @sheronm: Three months after defeating Thanos, Steve Rogers wakes
up in the middle of a cornfield, with no memory of how he got there. No
memories of anything, not even his own name. The only valuable on him
is a flip-phone with a single contact number. Tony Stark will do anything to help him remember, but he won’t even admit they are friends.

Holding Out (For a Heroic Nemesis) by nanasekei: As a villain, Tony wasn’t a big believer in maintaining
long-term rivalries with heroes. He had heard enough horror stories of
villains who got so caught up in defeating their counterparts their
plans ended up slacking, turning lazy. Having a designated hero to fight
could seem simpler on the surface, but in the long term, it just got
messy. And if there was one thing Iron Man, twice-named most influential
villain of the world by People’s magazine (take that, Gotham
city), definitely didn’t need, was for his plans to get messy because of
heroes who couldn’t stop sticking their noses where they didn’t belong.However.The Captain had been a different case.

Synchronized Frequencies by @ashes0909:
Steve knew Bucky meant well, but he always thought they needed to do
things together; so for Bucky to be getting married, and for him to
still be single? Well, that didn’t sit right with Bucky.

His Best Suit by @ashes0909, @festiveferret, @sirsapling:
It doesn’t seem to matter which suit Tony is in, Steve can’t stop staring.

Mergers & Acquisitions by @robintcj:
Steve Rogers is the CEO of the Rogers Corporation, which he built from
the ground up. When he learns that Hydra International is making a bid
for a hostile takeover of Stark Industries, he decides he has to do what
he can to stop Hydra from overtaking the market and becoming an
unstoppable, unethical conglomerate. Tony Stark asks for something Steve
isn’t sure he should give, but he does it anyway – and it completely
changes everything. But when Hydra keeps coming, Steve and Tony realize
there’s more to this than they’d realized.

Lipstick on the Glass by @laireshi: “Come here, darling,” Tony murmurs, and his other self
leans in, pupils already blown wide when Tony grabs him by chin to hold
his face steady. They’re not even undressed yet, but this other Tony does react to
commands ever so nicely. Or maybe it’s just that he doesn’t have to hide
this terrible emptiness and darkness within him when next to Tony.Tony smiles and touches the tip of the lipstick to his other self’s upper lip.

Best Time of the Month by @tastes-like-coconut: Written for the SteveTony Kink Meme Round 14.Original prompt was: There are some really great capwolf fics out
there, but can someone give me Tony getting down and dirty with Capwolf?
Knotting not optional.So, yeah.  This is Tony happily getting down and dirty with Capwolf.  And knotting.

Faithful, even in love by @shetlandowl (WiP):
The love story between two monarchs who should never have fallen in love.

Fever, Breathe Your Love on Me by @some-blue-jack: Steve hates his bi-annual checkup. “Mr. Rogers?” Nurse Grace calls, and he inhales sharply before standing up to follow her into the back.He
answers the standard “how are you doing today?” and “is there anything
you want to mention to the doctor?” questions, and he tries not to
fidget, but it’s hard to keep still.He’s just getting so wet.

Emergency Contact by @cptxrogers: Steve has been exposed to sex pollen, and for some reason Tony is the person who’s been called in to assist him.Tony
knows that he can’t take advantage of Steve in this desperate state,
but it’s awfully hard to remember that when Steve is rubbing up against
him and describing all of his deepest fantasies in excruciating detail.

Rushing Headlong in the Wrong (Right) Direction by @nostalgicatsea: “Steve,” Jan said slowly, “what did you think you were bidding on?”He
could feel the heat of his blush creeping down his face and neck, and
considering its intensity, he knew he was as red as a fire hydrant.“Uh,” he said for the second time in minutes.Or: Steve bids on Tony thinking Tony’s auctioning off a date and gets something very different instead.

To Cross the Red Line by @the-vorkosigan (WiP):
In the heat of battle, a small flotilla jumped away to an unknown sector
of space to avoid destruction. They don’t know where they are or how to
get home. They don’t even know if there is a home to get back to. The
surviving ships are a ragtag band of soldiers and civilians and
civilians that became soldiers out of need. The trouble is, most of the
fighter pilots are dead or wounded. Captain Rogers has to train a batch
of newly drafted cadets and turn them into decent pilots in no time. And
his star pupil is Tony Stark – a famous industrialist and billionaire
in his old life. Steve’s problem is,
Stark is insufferable.

All the Good Slips Away by @sineala:
Steve is entrusted with a mysterious video of Doc Ock and Tony, a video
that could be damaging to Tony’s reputation. Naturally, it’s best if
Steve familiarizes himself with the contents.

Sucker Punch by @sineala:
Steve never quite warms to Tony Stark, Avengers benefactor. The Molecule
Man never strips Iron Man out of his armor. Life goes on for the
Avengers, but as disagreements split the team – and Shellhead and
Winghead – again and again, Steve wonders why Iron Man always picks
Tony over him. And when Steve finds out, it happens in the worst way

(techinically, I re-read this recently, but  it’s so good!  Annnnnggggsssst)

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