Sleep-Deprived Tony

Sleep-Deprived Tony

this blog is amazing and i absolutely love how you go out of your way to do this. thanks so much! i’ll also apologize for this imposition, but do you have any sleep deprived Tony recs?

Everyone needs to nap, and Tony probably most of all, right?  Here are some sleep deprived Tony recs to keep you awake! These often feature both of them having sleep issues and sort of bonding over that, so you’ll find sleep deprived Steve, too.


Lay Thee Down by @arukou-arukou:
Tony would love to sleep. He really would. But his body’s just not letting him.

At 4 AM by @blossomsinthemist:
Tony has stayed up two nights in a row, and Steve starting to think he’s
going to have to take measures to get him to come to bed.

Insomnia by Tarlan:
Tony has always had trouble sleeping, but maybe there is a cure in the form of Steve Rogers.

Sleep is for Losers, unless by timeloop:
Tony falls asleep on Steve.

Insomnia by valtyr:
Tony can’t sleep. His team helps him out. Steve finds out.

I missed you by madfourtyfours:
Steve Rogers has been gone about a week now, and all he wanted to do was
go to bed and sleep with Tony. But first he has to go find his beloved

Slumber by @cnjrupasmle: “‘Especially Steve,’ was probably more like it.
Semantics, the mechanic decided.  He had wanted world peace, created a
killer robot that did its damnedest to wipe out the human race, and had
been just as upset with himself as his teammates had been with him.  It
was simple when you broke it down, really.Either way, it didn’t make sharing a bed with Steve Rogers any easier while they were laying low at Clint’s farm.”Tony
can’t sleep.  It seems like Cap can’t either, so they become insomniacs
together.  That is, until they find a solution to their problem.  Tony
has to figure out what it all means and what he wants, but he never can
seem to keep from getting in his own way.

Threshold Consciousness by magicsen: Tony’s acting strangely—short, snappish, and dangerously distracted.Steve
needs to figure out what’s bothering his friend, and he’ll do anything
to help—up to and including (literally) falling into bed with him.

Sleepy by MysticKayla:
Poor Tony is short, wants coffee, Steve, and is passing out. Whatever is Steve to do?

Night Encounter by Nimiamlove: He spends so much time with machines that he forgets he
isn’t one of them, and in times like this, his human body reminds him
of it.He wanted a hug, a long lasting one, Tony deduced with sadness.

Slumber by romanoff: Tony is fine. Tony does not need help. He certainly doesn’t need help from Captain America.Tony lasts five days.

Protecting My Honor by Thementalistlover2013:
Tony doesn’t sleep. Tony gets cranky. Clint is sneaky. Clint is scary. Tony is terrified.Or in which Tony is sleep deprived and Clint defaces his honor. Steve and Bucky deal with the ridiculous duo.

The Confessions of a Sleepless Night by scrollgirl:
After flying the quinjet all night and nearly losing Steve over the
Pacific, Tony’s exhaustion causes him to betray his feelings to Steve.
(Warning: references to alcoholism.)

the one with the flip phone by @capnshellhead:
A rather sleep deprived Tony Stark leaves a lengthy message on Steve’s voicemail.

Mission Objective: Sleepy Stark by Iron_George:
“Imagine your OTP looking up at the stars. Person A is really
enthusiastic, pointing out the constellations and person B just falls
asleep to their voice.”

Insomnia (A Softer Approach Remix) by @laireshi:
Tony hasn’t slept in days, and he wants to cry or scream or beg someone
to punch him and knock him out, and if Steve says they’re friends—well,
Tony doesn’t have the energy to argue against something he wants quite
so desperately.

Steve! I Fucked Up the Cereal by Scarlet_Gunn:
Steve just wanted to enjoy his peaceful morning. However nothing can
ever be peaceful with a sleep-deprived Tony. Especially when it involves

The Hammer is My Science by Broseph, Meatball42:
When Tony Stark gets sleep-deprived, he performs Science! Today’s project has produced some… unexpected results.

Button Pushing by love_in_the_stars:
He intended on getting a glass of milk before heading up to bed. That
was the plan, anyway, before he found Tony sitting at the kitchen table
with a puzzled, sleepy expression and a metal box in his hands. A metal
box with a big red button.

Sleepless in Manhattan by @captainneverever:
Tony has big plans for his Christmas alone in the Tower, but a bout of insomnia changes things.

Objecting to Misunderstandings by fd1922:
sleep deprived Tony misunderstands Steve’s message

Better Than a Glass of Warm Milk by chemically_yours:
Nothing solves sleeping troubles like some late night cuddles.

Voyeur by ironman:
Tony Stark doesn’t sleep. And that’s not a prelude to some stupid
switched around Chuck Norris joke. It’s the truth – Tony Stark doesn’t
sleep. He works, drinks coffee, works some more, listens to loud rock
music, and drinks some more coffee. He calls it insomnia, but any normal
person would know to call it insanity.

Insomnia by Scavenge4Dreams:
Its 3am.  Do you know where your Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist is?

I’m Just Tired by MaidenofIron157:
Yes, he knew he had an insomnia problem. Yes, he knew he worked too
much. No, he didn’t need a stupid puppy pile. Seems the team wasn’t
taking excuses.

Insomnia for Dummies by tartan_suitcase:
Set during Avengers: Age of Ultron. Tony can’t sleep. Steve can’t sleep. They talk instead.

Tricks by hanyou_elf:
Tony needs to sleep, and Steve knows how to get him there.

Work It Out by LightsOut:
When Tony can’t sleep at night his workshop isn’t the only place he
goes. It started long before Tony and Steve bumped into each other in
the personal gym at three in the morning but they finally worked some
things out.

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