Gay Chicken

Gay Chicken

I can’t find a gay chicken rec! 😭😭 help me out please. I would really appreciate it.

Of course!  Here are some suggestions for you.


America Isn’t Chicken (series) by Amuly @everybodyilovedies: After a Civil War, death, rebirth, a takeover by Osborn, brain
deletion, and the fall of Asgard, Steve and Tony might just be starting
to get back on solid ground with one another. Things aren’t perfect, not
yet, but they can be in the same room as each other without resorting
to violence, and they’ve even managed to share a smile or two. Seems like the perfect time, then, for Tony to try and fuck it all up with a stupid game of gay chicken.Meanwhile,
as if he didn’t have enough to worry about, Tony realizes some kind of
supervillainous trouble is brewing when increasingly advanced armors
start popping up all over Manhattan, looking strangely reminiscent of
his tech. On the other side of the world, Steve gets news that Zola is
on the move in Russia, with some sort of nefarious plan at work. Which
will ruin them first? Will it be this unknown armored villain who is
after Tony’s tech? Or will it be Zola unleashing his mysterious plan on
the world? Or will Steve and Tony prove to be their own worst enemies,
destroying the tentative truce they managed to forge with their own
stubbornness? (THE gay chicken fic)

The Game by @festiveferret:
The game starts when Tony walks into the garage to find Steve sitting
astride the R1200RS, staring down at his phone, and he maybe, just a
little bit, walks into a car.

I’m Your Nickelodeon by @theactualcluegirl;
It was just a little furtive jacking-off in the shower; no harm done,
and Steve’s seen worse in the army.  Heck, he’s seen worse on Tony’s
YouTube tag, so why on earth Tony hiding in his workshop over it now?

Chicken! by Leafling:
Our boys get locked in a closet. Tony has an idea on how to pass the time—Steve, well, he’s not amused.

Blink by @kaesaria:
The one where Steve learns that you should never bet against Tony—not unless you’re ready to face the dirty dire consequences of losing.  Or… maybe it’s the other way around?

Taming the Tempest by HepG2: Tony Stark is an absolute menace when it comes to working in a team. Has a penchant for disregarding orders, disrespecting superiors, does anything he wants. Steve will carve respect into that body, and Tony will obey.

Quit While You’re Ahead by @magicasen:
It began, as things tend to between them, as a bet.

Blue Movie by BewareTheIdes15:
Alright, look, confession – Tony has been masturbating to Captain America since he was thirteen.

Gay chicken by liefdewint:
the traditional celebration dinner takes a unexpected turn for some Avengers

Place Your Bets by RurouniHime @thegertie:
Steve Rogers may or may not have just picked up a prostitute. This may or may not be Tony Stark’s fault.

Fever, gettin’ higher by RurouniHime:
Yeah, okay, Steve Rogers knows what sexual harassment is. Despite
his out-of-fashion upbringing, he’s not some backwater Neanderthal,
thank you, he gets why it’s bad. He’ll go to bat for anyone who
determines they’re the victim of unwelcome advances in the workplace.
He’s not devaluing its impact, for god’s sake.

But the key word here, as he sees it, is ‘unwelcome.’ And that… might not be what this is.

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