Steve Draws Tony Naked

Steve Draws Tony Naked

I kind of feel embarrassed for writing this but… do you know any fics where Steve draws Tony naked? I wouldn’t complain if it leads to something more đź‘€

Steve drawing Tony is such a wonderful trope.  Of course, lots of fics include this. Check out the Artist Steve Draws Tony Recs, but here are a couple of others:


Drawn by Ridley160:
Steve is trying to find his place in the world, and decides to focus on
his art as a way to readjust to a civilian life. With the advice of one
of the guard’s he has befriended Steve seeks the assistance from a
concubine to model for him for an evening. Only Steve doesn’t expect
such an alluring beautiful creature to enter his chamber, and finds
himself hopelessly attracted to the dark haired man sitting half naked
before him.

Unintentional Modeling

by AvengingFan:
Tony is upset that he is being grounded from missions. Yes, he disobeyed
orders, but it wasn’t his fault. It was Steve’s. So, when he tries to
argue with said blonde, he is surprised to become a model?

How You See Me by NotEvenClosetoStraight:
Steve volunteers to teach an art class at the YMCA– part of Pepper’s
insistence that the team do more for the community– and to brush up on
his skills, he asks Tony to act as his model. Tony laughs at the idea
but agrees and messes around on his tablet the entire time Steve is
drawing. But then they start talking, start exploring the feelings that
had sparked during the Chitauri invasion, and when Tony finds some of
Steve’s sketches later on, he is shocked to realize that Steve draws
him…beautifully. “Is this how you see me?” he asks, terrified of the
answer, and Steve’s answer is more than he ever expected.

Always Honest by FestiveFerret
“It’s a truth spell,” Clint admitted. “It forces you to answer any question asked with the truth, until it wears off.”

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