Happy Pride!

Happy Pride!

In honor of Pride month, here are some Stony fics featuring Pride activities. Enjoy!


All-American Pride by @imafriendlydalek: The press seems to think Tony and Steve are in a
relationship, and so many people seem so happy about it that Steve just
runs with it, dragging Tony along. To a Pride rally.Whoever gave Steve that flag he’s wrapped himself in deserves a medal.

Pride by Meatball42:
This year, Steve wouldn’t have to watch the Pride parade from inside a
cold, lonely suite while other New Yorkers like him celebrated. He would
be a part of it, free to speak his mind, in this strange new world, in a
way he’d never dared before.

Pride Parade by Laslus: The first time Steve saw Tony going to Pride he had quite a few questions.OR How Tony Stark Gave The Best Sexuality Talk Ever.

Kiss Me Quick by JuniperLemon:
Tony kisses someone in a mask while at a Pride march. Only when he comes
home does he realise it was Steve and what implications that holds.

Sunshine and Rainbows by Sassy_Dinosaur:
Tony and Steve have been asked to come to Pride!

God Bless Booty Shorts by Heartithateyou: None of the Avengers realized that Steve was bisexual until he bumped into Tony in the middle of Pride Parade.Steve was wearing a brightly multicolored crop top, booty shorts and socks past his thighs.Tony’s hair had been dyed blue, purple, and pink, and had a flag draped over his shoulders.There was a lot of sputtering and explaining going on.

Pride by RedHeadedWoman:
 ‘I figure because what kind of self-respecting gay man doesn’t go to pride?’
Pride Parade in New York City. Glitter, ass-less leather chaps and rainbows. Too much for a super soldier from the 1940s, maybe?Clint
and Phil are off to watch the parade. Steve, wanting to learn more
about how thing’s have changed, goes with them. There he meets kids who
are way more comfortable with themselves than he is and he learns a
little something along the way.

the grey area by theappleppielifestyle:
Tony is forty-two years old when he realizes he isn’t broken.

(demisexual Tony) (thanks to @rosefyrefyre for the suggestion).