Meeting Future Selves

Meeting Future Selves

ironmess asked:

hey! do you know any fics where one of them travels in time and in the future theyre already together? im talking stony

Back to the Future!!!  I’ve done Time Travel to the 40′s  and Steve Goes Back in Time to When He Was Younger,
but what about meeting future selves?  Interesting.  Here are some
ideas, some closer to your ask than others, but all involve glimpses
into their future:


The Future is Ours (Whether We Want It Or Not) by @stark-spangled-lovers:
After a hit from the Time Stone, Steve switches places with his future self.

Tomorrow’s Reality by Fluffypanda:
A Hydra plot accidentally brings Steve Rogers to the future before he becomes Captain America.

between the stardust and the sand by adarksweetness:
In a world that’s always changing, soulmates are a perpetual feeling.
Or, Steve and Tony get a visitor from the far-flung future.

A Message From the Future by ThatRandomWeirdo1: There’s been an attack on New York, it should’ve been
ordinary but when does something for The Avengers ever go as planned?!
Suddenly, a portal fills the sky. That should’ve been weird by itself
but then they had to watch themselves fall out of the portal.  Turns
out they’re from the future, 25 years from now. But now they’re stuck
here until the portal opens again. How will The Avengers react to being
able to know their future selves?

If I Knew by @tonystarkssnipples:
Tony’s time is up. A life of drinking, drugs, and meaningless sex caught
up to him, and there was no going back now. But he’s not going to go
before he hears about what his future with Steve would have been like.
One shot. Stony.

Visions and Spectres by
captrogerscarter: A year after the death of Rumiko, Steve and Tony are
still struggling with the fallout, and it’s impact on their
years after the explosion that takes out St. Louis and a day after
failed peace talks, President Stark and General America wake up in the
Avengers lobby. Together, the four of them might be able to fix the
mistakes of the past, and avoid them in the future

Weep Not for What  You Have Lost by ezazahaz: More than anything in the world right now, he
wanted everything to be back the way it was.  It was strange, and
perhaps a little hypocritical–when he’d first met Steve, he’d actually
thought the man was weak, unable to cope with living in another time.
Tony, as a futurist, had been sure he’d be able to handle a 70-year jump
and land on his feet, diving into whatever new technologies existed,
thriving on being able to do so much more with computers and electronics
and whatever amazing new power sources had been developed since his own
time.   But that was before, before he had a family
(although he did have Pepper and Happy and Rhodey back then, and how was
it he’d never considered them when he contemplated the hypothetical of
being alone in the distant future?), and losing a mere eleven years…
hurt.  Steve had lost everyone he’d ever known; all Tony had lost was a
few years of his loved ones’ lives.  And it hurt.

Old Pictures that I’ll always see (the Yesterdays Remix) by @laireshi:
Tony Stark and Steve Rogers find themselves in the future. Meeting their older selves is enlightening, to say the least.

Take Me Back to the Start by @laireshi:
Tony’s pretty sure that’s his tech destroying New York, but he doesn’t
remember designing it. There are a lot of things he doesn’t remember.
But when a version of himself from the past shows up, and Steve can’t
even look at him, Tony starts to understand why he chose to forget.

Light Only Shines by risibleWorld:
In which Steve catches a glimpse at where his relationship with Tony is going to lead in the future.

To Make Much of Time by @sineala:
When Iron Man rejects Steve’s romantic advances, Steve is disappointed,
but of course he understands – Iron Man’s secret identity is important.
But when a portal opens and Tony Stark crashes into their midst from
twelve years in the future, Steve starts to suspect that there are more
secrets here than he can even begin to comprehend, and neither Iron Man
nor Tony are providing any answers.

Superheroes are Born to be Made
by Moonlit_Lampshade:
Little Tony meets Future-him (and Captain America!).Tony in the present
struggles with memory. Luckily Cap’s there to help.(Howard is a
douchebag no matter how you slice it.)