Maria Stark & Sarah Rogers

Maria Stark & Sarah Rogers

Hello! Thank you sonmuch for all the time and effort you put in these recs! They are amazing. I have a little request of my own. Do you know any fics where Sarah Rogers or Maria Stark feature? We see so many with Howard..We need to have some mom appreciation too!

Moms need love, too, right?  There are a lot of different takes on these, and my suggestions range from the fluffy to them dealing with the loss of their respective moms, so a bit all over the place. Just  mind the tags.  Hope you enjoy!


Sarah Rogers:

Mama Wants Grandbabies, stat by @shetlandowl: It might not take a village, but that doesn’t mean
children don’t need help to get where they need to be. When Steve can’t
seem to manage on his own, what good mother would stand aside and let
any opportunity pass him by? Sarah Rogers is not that kind of mother.

A Budapest Christmas by @shetlandowl:
A Housesitter AU where Tony moves into Steve’s place, charms his
parents, befriends his life-long friends, and repairs the relationships
Steve ruined in the aftermath of his own heartbreak. Their relationship
is a happy, loving, and supportive one; or, at least it was so until
Steve showed up unannounced and was congratulated on a marriage he’d
never heard of.

These Three Things Remain by siria:
His mom does what she can, but it’s never quite enough.

Sarah Rogers by Ab3l:
If there was one person in Steve’s life that he could say he didn’t want to live without, it was his mother.

it takes a village (or so the saying goes) by soniclipstick: “Did… did you just hit on my mother and me at the same
time?” Steve doesn’t know whether to be embarrassed or flattered. By the
way his ears are burning, the latter seems more likely.“Yeah. Increases my chances of getting a date, don’t you think?” Tony replies with a conspiratorial wink.

Castle on a Cloud by Fangirlingmanaged:
Steve’s the leader. He’s the rock. He’s supposed to be unbreakable…
but even super soldiers have demons. And sometimes they cry.
Tony finds himself having to comfort Steve when things become too much.

Just Hold Me by rainbow_marbles:
When Steve thinks of his mother, he doesn’t remember her face, the way
she smiled or what she looked like in her one and only fancy dress. What
he remembers is the feel of her arms wrapped around him, her fingers
carding gently through his hair, the steady ‘thump, thump, thump’ of her
heart as he rested his head to her chest while she held him.

Mother Knows Best by @theappleppielifestyle:
A look through the years at Steve and Tony’s developing relationship, as seen by Sarah Rogers.

Lumpy Mattresses and Red-Faced Boys by @sarahhbe:
When Tony joins them for breakfast Sarah asks him why he is walking
funny.  Tony thinks his response is sly, Steve is embarrassed, and Sarah
is full of surprises.

Killing Me Softly (with his song) by @itsallavengers: Steve is Tony’s whole world. Tony couldn’t imagine life without him. They’ve grown up together, after all.Steve gets cancer.

On My Honor, I Will Try by @chibisquirt:
Steve never knew of his mixed heritage until Strange told him, and he
didn’t know what to think when he found out.  But it did sort of explain
some things…

Strangers Now by @festiveferret: Back in elementary school, Tony Stark was Steve’s whole
world school until Tony’s parents packed up and moved him to LA. Steve
hasn’t seen him in ten years, and then he bumps into the kid living in
the dorm room across the hall – and it’s Tony.But Tony doesn’t remember Steve.

She Kissed Me by S_Horne: “Your mom kissed me.”Steve blinked awake and lifted his head from his pillow to look over at the silhouette in the doorway. “What?”“Your mom,” Tony reiterated. “She kissed me.”“Yeah,” Steve said simply, “she does that.”

some day they’ll go down together by snowdarkred: (AKA, the teen runaway fic that ate my brain)It’s a hard decision to make, but Steve can’t let Tony go alone. He just can’t.

Maria Stark:

The Dowry Chest by @wisiaden:
There’s a dowry chest sitting Tony’s closet.

Bambino by cvsossong:
Maria Stark is accidentally transported from the 1980s. She gets to see what her son’s life has become.

Tony Stark Makes a Friend by @theappleppielifestyle: As a rule, Tony doesn’t get to talk with kids his own age.(Or,
Tony gets enrolled in a summer course so he can socialize with other
kids for once. Steve is only there because his mother doesn’t want him
at home all day when she’s at work.)

…Red, Blue and Yellow fangirlingmanaged:
Tony has a coping mechanism that nobody knows about.

Maria’s Letter by romanoff: Maria tries to communicate in the only way she knows how, and the only way she has left.(The Letter from the end of Blue Lips, Blue Veins. Can be read separately as a piece of Tony angst if that’s your thing)

Take Another Little Piece of My Heart Now, Baby by @some-blue-jack:
“I think we should get married,” Tony announced as he let himself into Steve’s apartment, plopping next to him on the couch.

The Lengths That I Will Go To by @polizwrites: After forty-five years,  Howard Stark discovers the
wreck of the Valkyrie and that Captain America somehow survived the
crash and nearly a half-century of being frozen in the ice. Tony
Stark,  having been brought back to the fold after several years of
freedom, finds himself face to face with his childhood idol (and teenage
crush) when he is recruited to help care for the recovering Captain
Rogers, whose existence is being kept a secret.

Plastic Flowers by hitlikehammer: We are all—eventually—either the victims, or the victim’s family.Or: Steve and Tony cross paths at Howard and Maria Stark’s grave. They talk (more or less).

The Piano in the Corner by jam_ships:  “That’s good, little duck. One more time.”Tiny clumsy fingers hit on keys. The tune is not perfect – it’s playful, it’s pure.

Strawberry Muffins by hanyou_elf:
“Mom used to bake,” he says carefully, as though each word of the admittance is painful to utter.

Lesser Demons by sabrecmc:
Peggy leaves Steve something in her will.


if i knew where i was going i’d lose my way by @theappleppielifestyle: “You said you had talked to lawyers.”Tony’s heart thuds. “I did.”“How many?”“Enough
to know we’d win if this went to court. Enough to know we might not
have to go to court if we play this right.” He holds his breath.Maria Stark nods to herself. “I might need their numbers,” she says.(Or, Maria leaves and takes Tony with her.)

the family you choose by @theappleppielifestyle: “Just who exactly was my son making out with in a closet?”“Tony Stark.”Huh.“You
might know him,” Fury continues, and Sarah nods, furiously biting at
her cheek so she doesn’t do something awful, like giggle.

Don’t Marry Someone You Met When You Were Still in Diapers by @sarahhbe:
Maria watches her son grow up and his friendship with Steve Rogers become something more.

Bonds Unbroken by @winterstar95:
Steve and Tony grow up knowing one another and they discover they are
meant for greater things and each other. There’s only one problem,
everything and everyone keeps tearing them apart.