Oblivious Avengers

Oblivious Avengers

*hello from the other sideeeee* How about instead of the avengers knowing that stony are a thing, oblivious™ avengers as family ? Mostly positive reactions please! You guys are the best thanks for helping all of us stony cravers out here 💐💐💐😊😊😊

You should try the Secret Relationship recs.  Here are the few I could find for “Oblivious Avengers”, but there are some great authors here.  Maybe others have suggestions?

Cold Skin, Burning Heart by @queendophne: Howard Stark was the greatest inventor, pioneer,
entrepreneur and mass murderer of his time. All his murders were like
his work, sleek, elegant and extravagant. He was smart and meticulous
that he almost never got caught but one small mistake cause his secret
to come to light shocking the world. In his suicide note, Howard proudly
boasts about his murders. He confessed to murdering his son, Anthony
Stark, as one last hurrah before he took his life. Ever since then Stark
mansion has been a dangerous and haunted place……Fast forward
a hundred years into the future there is young Steve Rogers landing the
biggest job of a lifetime: Stark Mansion. Steve has worked so hard to
prove the validity of his team, the Avengers, within the Ghost
Investigation community and now they were given one of the most coveted
job in their field. It was perfect. Especially since it allowed him to
escape the disaster that is his personal/love life.  (some Steve/Bucky)

Nosy Friends and Seaweed Kisses by @potrix-the-queerschlaeger: Tony and Steve are happy. Bucky’s return doesn’t change
that. Or, at least, that’s how Tony sees it. His friends don’t seem
convinced.Alternatively; five times people think Tony should be jealous plus the one time everyone realises why he isn’t. (Stuckony)

Day 23: Nothing for Christmas by VampireVengence:
All Tony wants for christmas is for Steve to be okay. (Stony)

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