Tony with a Tattoo

Tony with a Tattoo

Hello! Thank you for your recs! 😀 May I ask if you know any fics where Tony has Cap’s shield tattoo?

There are a few of those, so here you go!


Five Times Tony Successfully Hid His Tattoo (And One Time He Didn’t) by celtic7irish:
Prompt: Tony Stark would have like 3000 tattoos if it weren’t for the
fact that Pepper always stops him. And he’s uncomfortable having his
shirt off in front of people now. As it is, Tony only has one tattoo
that he got when he was like 19. Of Cap’s shield. On his ass. Steve can
never know.

I’ll Carry Your Mark Forever by zams:
Tony gets a special tattoo.

Captain America’s Stamp of Approval by @neurotoxia:
Tony Stark, rampant Captain America fanboy that he is, got a tramp stamp
of Cap’s shield during a drunken night out at university. It’s been
there for so long he kind of forgets he has it until decades later when
he finally has a chance to get frisky with Steve. Right there, Tony
remembers that he’s the once proud owner of a Captain America tramp stamp.

Inked by haku23:
Tony gets a tattoo of Cap’s shield as proof of his commitment to their
relationship…thing. Steve hates tattoos and Tony knows it.

Tony Wears the Red, White and Blue by MiloKitty:
When Tony was a Teen, he wanted to piss Howard off. Best way to do that?
something Captain America or Steve Rogers related or Something
irreversible that affected his image. So why not combine the two and get
a tattoo, it’s not like Captain Rogers will ever know, the man is an
ice cube for christ sake

Bled for This by elsewherewolf:
It was obvious that he was going to see it at some point, and he’s sure
Tony wanted him to.  Written as a fill for the kink meme community,
prompt was Steve sees a tattoo of something Captain America related on
Tony’s body and thinks about getting something Iron Man related for

More Than a Thousand Words by nanuk_dain:
Tony got a tattoo when he was eighteen and drunk. Steve wants one when
he’s quite a lot older than that and entirely sober. There’s just that
teeny tiny problem of his healing factor erasing any ink.

His Mark on Your Skin by nightwalker:

So he gets the tattoo. For Steve, who likes to see Tony
marked. But also for Tony who likes to be marked, to be reminded in
that visceral, physical way that he’s Steve’s now.

Anchor by nightwalker:
Tony realizes what’s about to happen at the exact moment that Steve’s eyes are drawn to the dark black print.

(thanks to @souldiertotheend for the suggestion!)

Ink by ParkerStark:
Steve has very specific Ideas about Tattoo’s – that is, until he finds out that Tony has one related to him.

His for All the World by queerlyobscure: As a drunken 21-year-old, Tony got a tattoo. As a sober
42-year-old, he’s finally in a position to show it to the person it was
in honour of.Or, how Steve discovered that Tony has a tattoo of his shield on his butt, and what he did about it.

Some other Tattoo AUs (apparently, if Tony doesn’t get the shield, he gets one of the reactor):

you are my canvas by theappleppielifestyle: “Took you long enough,” Tony Stark says, with that
goddamn grin that could make people crash cars in broad daylight. “Never
forget a pretty face, right?”Nine years and he can still make Steve blush like that, Jesus Christ.

Guns N’ Roses by @arukou-arukou:
All Tony wanted was a tattoo that would make his dad mad. He wasn’t
really expecting a pretty tattoo artist and a brand new kink.