Happy 4/20!

Happy 4/20!

Thought I’d honor the day with a few recs for you in the Recreational Drug Use category, lol.  Grab some Doritos and enjoy!


‘Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky by jazztrousers:
During his catching-up on American culture and music in the years he’s
missed, Steve has some questions for Tony about smoking pot. Tony can’t
resist an opportunity to get Captain America stoned.
Side effects include dancing, snacking, stupid jokes and a little kissing when no-one’s looking.
(Note: I’m aware that people smoked weed in the 40’s. Go with it.)

This is the Night I’ve Been Dreaming of Forever by lweilaura:
“Wait – did you just fucking proposed to each other?” Clint asked after a minute of shocked silence.
“I guess.” Steve muttered distantly, scribbling something in his book.
“Just like that?”
“Duh.” Tony agreed.

No Shirt, No Shoes, Yes Service by @ashes0909:
Club boy Tony Stark is very high, and very thirsty. Good thing Steve Rogers works at the bodega across the street.

My Brownie Suits Me Fine by Quaxo: “Guys…I feel funny.” Tony’s words are soft and
high-pitched as he lays slumped over the couch, torso dipping towards
the floor.“Bad funny or good funny,” Steve asks, pressing his foot against Tony’s shoulder to roll him back onto the couch.  Thor and Steve get Tony stoned out of his gourd.

Cheetos, Doritos and a BIg Bag of Weed by Professor_Fluffy:
A short Science Bros adventure in which Bruce and Tony bake, get baked, go to Taco Bell, and make waffles!

Two’s a Crowd by rainproof:
If Steve were any deeper in the closet his ass would be in Narnia.

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