Angst after Sibera

Angst after Sibera

Hello, big fan of your blog! Do you know of any fics where tony is stranded in siberia after the final confrontation? Steve doesn’t realise how injured he is, or how he needs the arc reactor to get home or the strain on his heart or pneumonia or just something really angsty? Ideally steve returns and realises what he did/ sees tonys suffering? Sorry for the rambling, basically just any angsty post-siberia stuff?

I haven’t read too many like that, but I do know a couple.  Also, check out the Post-CACW recs and More Post-CACW recs.


Friends Don’t Leave Friends Alone in Siberia by @the-vorkosigan: After Steve and Bucky leave, Tony gives vent to his
hurt and frustration. Which is not a particularly stellar idea if that
means you are going to shoot rockets in an enclosed space. Contrary to
the popular belief, he knows what he is doing, obviously.When Steve
goes back for him (because, dammit, the base is collapsing on itself),
he finds that losing Tony would have hurt more than anything Tony could
ever do to him.Basically, it’s a missing scene between Steve
leaving Tony in Siberia and Tony being back in the compound. What if
Steve went back for him. What if they talked a little. What if there was
some hugging. What if Steve’s letter made a tad more sense.

Home is Where the Steve Is by AetherSprite:
Tony gets stranded in Siberia and only one person can help him.

How We Got To Where We Are by poetically_ordinary:
Tony gets an unexpected visitor in his hospital room after Siberia.