Steve’s Brooklyn Accent

Steve’s Brooklyn Accent

Hey there awesome mom! Are there any fics where Steve’s Brooklyn is really strong or it comes out when he’s angry/turned on/emotional?

There are a couple of Brooklyn!Steve fics I can think of.  Here you go:


Mr. Brooklyn by avengersincamphalfbloodstardis:
“I’ve been staring at you while you’ve been working for the last twenty
minutes and I’ve been trying to get the courage up to come talk to you,
and when I finally do, I start speaking in a weird accent for some
reason.” AU

Center of Attention by starkspangledfondue:
Tony knew that his boyfriend wasn’t a prude – as he’d been told a dozen times, Steve had been in the damn army, thank you very much, and grew up in Brooklyn. But he never thought that Captain America was an exhibitionist.

Boomin’ (Porn Star AU) by MystikSpiral:
Steve on the other hand, was nervous, the idea suggested by his best
friend, Bucky after a long string of complaints due to being a broke art
student. It was a joke really, both doubting he’d actually get in, and
when he got in, they both stared at each other with blank expressions.

Tracing Outlines by MystikSpiral:
Seconds turned into minutes of him staring, almost drooling,
when he realized he should be tying his shoe and not staring at his
friend’s unfortunate (well, actually, very fortunate) situation. For
god’s sake it wasn’t like Tony had known Steve had a thing for
show-casing which direction his dick was pointed (a nicely curved right
it would seem), it had just happened.