Tony & Bruce Wayne Friendship

Tony & Bruce Wayne Friendship

Hi sabre! Thank you so much for doing this! You really helped me rediscover my love for these two ❤💙 Do you happen to know of any fics that focus on Tony’s friendship with Bruce Wayne or any friend Tony has had since childhood? I love the way that dynamic can be against or on concert with Steve and Tony.

There are quite a few with Bruce Wayne, but to be honest, I’ve only read a couple of them, but here you go!


Coming Out on Top by quiet_tiger:
Bruce and Tony have been in competition almost their entire lives.
Snippets of their friendship and interactions across 30+ years.

Let Me Tell You My Secret by whippy: “I want to have sex with Steve in Rainbow Land!”A College!AU where Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne are roomies!

Regretless by starkind:
No, Steve does not like Bruce Wayne.
Speaking of which, Captain America is not too fond of the Batman either.
(Can anyone blame him, really?)

Superbros (series) by AlchemyAlice: All you need to know is that
Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne went to boarding school together. The rest is
history. Messy, snarky, superheroic history, mainly documented via
phone calls (drunken or otherwise).

No School Like the Old School by isolationandtea:
Fic based off this prompt:
I love Stony fics where Steve is
possessive! He’s old fashioned and not enough writers play up to the
fact that he wouldn’t be ok with Tony flirting and acting loose ya know?

Batman/Avengers Crossover ‘Verse (series) by TheResurrectionist: Tony brings his long-time friend, Bruce Wayne, to Avengers’ tower. Steve gets jealous.  “You think you’re some kind of funny guy, huh?”  Wayne raised an eyebrow, not rising to the bait. “Just pointing
out the weak spots. You’re a good fighter. Everyone has them, though.”  Tony rose from his seat, putting a hand on Steve’s chest. “Babe, I think we should–”
“If you’re such a genius,” Steve spat at Wayne. “Then you do it.”  Wayne’s eyebrow crept even higher up his forehead. “Do what?”  “Spar. With me.”
Tony went white. “Steve, I–”  “I won’t hurt him.” Steve told Tony, the implication unsaid.
Wayne was still cool as a cucumber as the two men stared at each other.
“Trust me.”Things go great, basically. Light Stony, with a dash of Batman for flavor.

we wear the same masks by theappleppielifestyle: Tony wants to grab this guy by the shoulders and shake
him. There’s clearly something underneath the surface of this bumbling
idiot Clark Kent pretends to be. After years of wearing a mask, you
learn to recognize your fellow pretenders.Finally, after minutes
on end of trying to get the guy to slip up, Tony cuts to the chase.
“Hey, how do you feel about Bruce Wayne?”(Or, Steve believes that
Bruce Wayne and Tony are dating and Tony wants to find out more about
this new guy Bruce is actually dating. Meanwhile, Bruce and Clark are
happy to sit and watch this unfold.)

How to Become a Superhero and Gain a Family (minus the picket fence) by nerakrose:
Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne have been friends since they were fifteen.

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