Laughing During Sex

Laughing During Sex

omg this blog is a godsend! i was wondering if you know any fics with the boys laughing during sexytimes? thanks in advance!

I do know a couple like that.  Hard to find if they aren’t tag (hint, hint).  But, here you go!


A Laugh In It by @blossomsinthemist:
“What?” he said, still laughing.  “Debauched in my own workshop?  Pantsless?”

“Happy,” Steve said, laughing a little himself.  “Relaxed, Tony.
Happy, like this, smiling at me, like that.  Laughing.  God, I love it.”
Written for Day Twenty-Five of Kinktober: Smiles/Laughter.

That Which We Call a Rose by @blossomsinthemist:
“Right,” he said. “Don’t stop.  I gotcha.”  He leaned forward, his
knee pushing Tony’s armor-covered leg out wider, bending his knee
against the wall, and his hand came up, leather-covered palm pushing at
the back of Tony’s neck, over the metal edge of the neckpiece, against
the soft skin just under his hair, and squeezed, holding him down.  “I’m
going to make you take it, buster,” he murmured, and his voice, his
breath, was soft against Tony’s skin, warm against his hair. “I’m going
to hold you down, right here, Shellhead, and push into you, and have
you.  You want that, fella?  You like that?”
Written for Day Twenty-Three of Kinktober: Against a Wall.

First Times are Supposed to be Awkward Chapter 1 by sexy_sinful_writer: A combined fill for three prompts
Any loves having his dick sucked but then his partner makes this slurping noise and he can’t stop laughing.Bonus: Partner is offended. Misunderstandings type mischief.
Bonus: Hiccups
Bonus: Cums while laughing

leaving everything behind but you by  @musicalluna: For their anniversary, Tony tells Steve to name his fantasy.Steve never fails to surprise (or delight) him.

Strays by @marilenalena:
Tony is on a mission to rescue five stray kittens. He gets help from a stranger, who is more than a little lost himself.

(thank you for suggesting this one!)

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